My Parkinson Nurse has recommended that I go onto Sinemet 12.5/50mg three times a day.

Can anyone advise from experience,is it best to take these with meals ? and how close to bedtime can the last one be taken.?

Many thanks

hi welcome to puk:smile:im ali been dx for 11 years im 42 years old:smile:im on sinemet,and i have mine at 6am,2pm and 10pm.personlaly im beter if i have it with some food,even if its a yogurt or a bickie.we are all different and find our own ways of takin our meds,there is alot of surport on here for ya,and ihope to see you around the forum:smile:

alij,many thanks for the info,Im an oldie at 66 years, have read a few entries that mention Sinemet plus .
Would you know what the difference is between the plus and the regular Sinemet/Co-careldopa ( which I am on ) ?

As far as I can tell the Sinemet value is 125mg then Sinemet Plus 250mg , You can also get Sinemet 275mg ,Sinemet control release 125mg and 250mg

I was told by the neuro that Sinemet works better without food, going quicker to the brain, so this is what we are doing.
Even the National neuro hospital advocates this.

My husband is on Sinemet Plus 100/25 at 8.30am plus 1 Sinemet CR 8.30am, 1 Sinemet plus at 1pm, 1 Sinemet plus at 5pm and 1 Sinemet CR at 10pm.


Johnnie and Natasha,many thanks for responding, its encouraging to have things explained so clearly

There is the lowest dose Sinemet: 62,5 mg
then Sinemet plus: 125 mg
Although the pharmacy might recommend (write on package) to take it with food, the best(most effective) way is to take it on an empty stomach. The food recommendation is based on the possible (fairly common) side effect of nausea and some food taken with this pill will help, but 'food' does not necessarily mean a meal in the context of drug advice (see notes in the BNF)A biscuit will do.
I have never experienced nausea and my first tablets taken in the morning before getting up(so on as empty a stomach as I can make it)"click in" 25-30 minutes later. The main advice is to take this about hlaf an hour to 45 mins before a meal or 1,5- 2 hours after. Levodopa is a protein and competes with protein in food for absorption, keep that in mind.
Most people start doses spread over three times a day: at 7.30-8.00, then around midday before lunch and the last dose before dinner.

Hi Arren,

Kate has the right idea, my husband has had pd for almost 30yrs and he is on sinemet every hour from 6am-10pm as well as other tablets 4times a day,also he is allowed 3madopar dispersal per day. The sinemet 100/25 or 125 as some people say takes about 40minutes to get into the system whereas the madopar dispersal takes about twenty if taken before a meal. My husband has always had a problem if taking his meds with meals but if taken about twenty minutes before the meal he doesn't have bad off's after, [u]but try[/u] to get nursing staff to understand this is not easy.
Some people do not have a problem but we have found that younger people generally do, some people have a problem with certain proteins and not others its a matter of trying things out and noting what you are like after the meal.My husband had problems with soya sauce as well so I found one which was yeast, wheat and gluten free and that was okay.
I hope that helps some of you
best wishes

I have a 'post it' note on the fridge door with the times to take my Sinemet in relation to when I eat as recommended by my Consultant.

12.5/50mg 3tabs 0700hrs followed by breakfast 0800hrs
12.5/50mg 2tabs 1100hrs followed by lunch 1300hrs
12.5/50mg 2tabs 1500hrs followed by dinner 1900hrs
12.5/50mg 2tabs 2100hrs
Half Sinemet CR 25mg/100mg 2tabs 2300hrs

This is the dose suited to my needs and is obviously not recommended to everybody.

It seems that all tablets are 'directed' towards an empty stomach.


I am just about to switch from Mirapexin to Sinemet and thought I'd look on the forum for some tips. Thank you for the helpful comments. I shall take the first Sinemet early morning,with my other pills. I still need to think about when take the other two doses.