I have just started on sinemet -12.5/50mg three times a day. Shuld it start to work immediately or does it build up?

hi, it builds up slowly and you have to reach the dose that is effective for you , everyone is different . i was told it takes 4 weeks each to time you go up for it to reach its peak . i started on 62.5 twice aday for aweek then three times for a week then up by 1 tab a week now on 2 tabs 3 times aday. started noticing when increased to 2 tabs a dose .

hope that helps


Everyone is different. I had the most amazing change when I started to take co-beneldopa 12.5/50 three times a day- well within a week I was skipping about like a two-year old. I hadn't realised how slow i'd got till I wasn't slow anymore. Indeed, my nurse agreed with me that i needn't increase the dose to 25/100 (just as well: I only took one of them and it did my head right in.) That was six weeks ago, and I wouldn't say I'd seen much improvement since the first week or two.

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I started Sinemet 25/100 on Sunday and it made a difference right away. I feel more motivated and my golf swing has improved. Far less rigidity. Unfortunately at this low dose - I am only taking one pill in the morning- it has had no effect on the tremors which are my most bothersome symptom.

All the best, Roman

My drugs are Drug Dose Intake Sinemet Plus 25/100mg 7 11 3 7 Madopar 50mg 7 11 3 7 Propanalol 40mg 7 11 3 7 Mirapexin MR 1.57mg 11pm Sinemet CR 50mg 11pm Sulphasalazine 500mg x2 11am The last one is for dormant colitis. So I'm on 3 versions of dopamine and 1 agonist. The key thing for me is regimented timings and even then if I'm being active like Golf I still have off periods that the Madopar pulls me 'on' from. Everyone needs their own bespoke concoction.

yeh your right there! sinemet 7.30am 125mg /10am sinemet 62.5mg/ 12pm sinemet 125mg /2pm sinemet 62.5mg /4pm sinemet 125mg/8pm 125mg sinemet/9.30pm  250 mg sinemet cr. 


I had Propranalol 40mg twice daily before diagnosis, i found it beneficial(tremors),but my gp dropped it.

Also had cheap n nasty generic 'sinemet' not a patch on propper branded 'sinemet' , 

Amitriptyline for over night good sleep.

Now on Real mc coy Madopar 4 x 25/100.smiley 8 ~ 12~ 4 ~8


sea angler ,you can ask your gp for sinemet ,just tell him your not doing as good as you were on sinemet plus &co-caradopo


thanks Gus ~ i'm happy on madopar smiley

My Point that i never make myself very clear on is 'Generic' is a poor substitute, but you are right ask if you don't like it and we should recieve. and i have.


Please could someone let me know what is the difference between Sinemet and generic Sinemet? And how would you know from looking at the packet?


Many thanks

the generic version of sinemet is called ( co-caredopa ) some people do not get on with this as it distributes the drug into the body not so evenly as sinemet  62.5mg called sinemet /125mg called sinemet plus .hope this answers your Q . pomegranate

Most generic versions of Sinemet are identical to Sinemet as far as the levodopa content.The generic versions are tested before they are allowed on the market. The additives the industry adds however, like colour, bindng agents,etc can differ, which might be a problem for some people with allergies. If you are initially put on Sinemet, do well on it and then subsequently are put on the generic version and you find that the generic version is less effective, you have the right to be put back on the original drug. If, however you are started on the generic, you cannot insist on Sinemet.

I am on my third generic version of Mirapexin.........That's the pharmacy shopping around..


hi kate,if read on the internet about generic version it does state that it distrubutes unevenly,i was on sinemet ,for years then chemist gave me co-caredopa and i had belts of dyskinesia so looked up on drug &it states what i have said,so changed back to sinemet i would not write something i have not had experence  with.

Hi gus, I did not say all generic is good.....There are several manufacturers , so some might be OK others are not, it could  (theoretically)even be the case that the generic version is superior . Once the generics hit the market the price of the original drug comes down. I no longer have access to the BNF but as far as I can remember several years ago Sinemet was not so expensive, especially compared in those days with Mirapexin, Requip, Azilect and the Apo-pen. 

many thanks for the replies. Im sure my dad started Cocaredopa but im sure he is now on sinemet. I will have to double check. Can you take Madapor at the same time? Does anyone know what the difference , pros & cons of both medications?

When switching from Madopar to Sinemet I found slight improvement in upper arm pain.......although it is still bad if I try to lift anything, or use my arms above head height. I still shake in my left leg and do a good impression of John Cleese doing his funny walk......I plod like Co Co the clown. I have musculoskeletal problems caused by work so it may differ very much for others.

My Sinemet is backed up by co-beneldopa slow release at night which I found useful. I don't wake feeling like a space cadet in the middle of the night now.

I don't exactly freeze, but I do go into a pause sometimes.....slightly lapsadazical and mesmerised is the best I can describe it as, usually at supermarket checkouts for some strange reason. It's like being ultra relaxed.

No real problems with illusions like Madopar, just the odd peripheral flicker, as if a bird fluttered by out of the corner of my eye.

Memory is poor. Left arm shakes when tired, I have no grip or motor skills in it anymore, same with left leg. PD nurse is advising a helper (not sure of name) when I feel it is necessary. Apparently there are still plenty of options.

All things considered I'd rather have Sinemet than Madopar.

Hi Gus, haven't been around for a while due to moving house. Last time we spoke I think was concerning PIP. I have had it granted at long last.

I would advise anyone to seek help from age concern who is struggling with this. My PD nurse and my consultant also helped me.

The reason for the house move was to be on one level in preparation for my decline. It has been pretty rapid this year. PIP will be a God send with my wife retiring next month. I am already starting to use specialised tools for putting shoes on and eating. At least I have no stairs to fall down now and an improved access. Room for a mobility scooter when the day arrives. So much to look forward too!!!!!!

Plan A is to get as much done as humanly possible while I still can. The Parkinsons will have to take second place where possible.


Thats great news about pip.hope you find a good balance soon .saturn also all the best in your new home for many years to come ! smiley

TY Gus, all the best to you for the New Year.