Hi i have found since starting this over two week ago i havent stopped eating has anyone else experienced this and is there anything i can do to counteract this. I'm a member of slimming world and its getting embaressing going in week after week with gains cry

Hi Sharon, I've been mainly on Sinimet since I was diagnosed in 2004 and if anything felt a bit sick in the early days which caused me to be a bit off my food. Maybe you'll settle into your usual eating pattern after taking it a bit longer. I expect they'll be others on here who can give you more informed advice but thats my experience. :-)   

thank you :)

I have also been on sinemet for about 7yrs like Antony said i found i was not eating as much as i use too give it time to settle down

ok thanks 


The site wont let me start a new topic but I would like to hear from

anyone taking artane.  I already take sinemet 25/100 three times a day and

have been given artane for tremor.  I am due to start taking it in 2 weeks time when

my cold is better.