Singing, movement and rhythms

In January I'm going for a top=up to the training I've received for running singing groups for people with Parkinsons together with their carers and relatives. My father died last March and I've been running a group in the home in which he lived in Malvern, Not only is it great fun - we do a lot of laughing! - but some very exciting research is showing there are improvements in movement and an increase in brain plasticity. I've been a singing teacher and a performer for many years, and this new direction is very exciting. I'm proud of the fact that I can do something which is helping to improve people's lives - even though it was too late for my father by the time he was diagnosed.


Hi singerwood, that's a great thing you are doing there, and more to the point the fact that you are getting satisfaction from helping others out.

Malvern is a lovely area, we have been to the showground at Malvern Links with the caravan on many occasions and climbed the hills, that was a little while ago now, but it's a place I'll never forget.

Keep up the good work and thank you - Sheila

My partner has PD and finds singing great therapy. We are both regulars at our local pub's karaoke night. Karaoke has a traditional of being light hearted and yet can mean a lot to those that take part. Being part of our local community pub has also allowed people to see what PD is like and has led to greater acceptance within our community. So I would encourage anyone regardless of talent to find a way to sing in anyway they feel comfortable. Good to hear about groups being set up.

Following my training in January, I've now set up two groups for singing - they're not specifically for Parkinson's I've opened them out to include all neuro conditions - all these conditions benefit from the mixture of rhythms, sounds and singing that we do. Of the two groups, one which is at Trinity church hall at Lickey, near Bromsgrove, is attracting people - only a few but it's a good start. They have real fun and find it beneficial too! However, the group I've set up in Redditch on a friday afternoon has yet to begin! I've tried all sorts of advertising with targeted leaflets, e-mails to doctor's surgeries, leaflets in village halls and supermarkets but so far nothing. If anyone has any ideas about how I can let more people know about this group i'd love to hear them!!

Hi singerwood,

what would your Redditch group involve? I was diagnosed last year. Fortunately I'm managing fairly well so far. I haven't actually been to any groups/meetings so far though I have volunteered as a subject in a project studying PD at the JR in Oxford. No singing voice, only let the dog ever hear me! Especially aware of my vocal short comings as my husband was once a choir boy - soloist too!


Hello Ruth - I would be very interested in communicating with you regarding the singing that you are involved in. is there a facility to privately message. I am not familiar with the forum yet as I have just this minute joined !!