Helllo all  I have been battling PD  since dx in 99 and  it  has slowly  ground me  down , but although Im on my knees at  times I keep  the beast in  its cage,,,,well by  singing, yes folks if  I feel parky is mounting a  stealthy attack  I power up my lap top and  log on to YOOHOOOTOOB   sorry  You  Tube then I select  a singist or even   Singer,  Neil Diamond is my most highest preffered, and  choose on of the  countless superb songs this man has  produced over  the  years , you can  select LYRICS if you wish, and I sing outlloud LOVE ON THE ROCKS  I  love that  song, my wife has  told me manyy  times  thats what will happen if  I dont  desist, but I wear my headphones so I cant  hear  my  self, I also do old blue   eyes  Jimmy Searsly,  yes he  is    local club  singer,  oh  piff  and puffle my Lady needs to  shop  and I have  a  Blue  Badge so get dragged out  whether  I wwant  to  or  not, suffice to say  I sing  I feell  better  I was low  this  morning but  after singing SULTANS  of SWING  and ROMEO and JULIET  BY DIRE STRAITS, AND  I HAVE BIN A ROVER ( OR ROWER since  the  Chinese bought the rights for £2,50 )  either way they  were c??p cars) and feel much much better, though my wife  has  her ear plugs in

                                           Bye for NOO  ARMOURED FEDEXLIKE2






Good for you. I do my very loud singing in the car. They say it's good for you. Carry on!


I occasionaly have a sing song whie im driving but not in public lol

i listen to my mp3 player  whilst walking i have 1400 tunes on it so i can pick n choose a beat to walk to depending how i am that day