please can any one help mum is on sinemet recently diagnosed she was on 1 tablets 3 times aday this was increased to 2 tablets 3 times aday this made her worse. so the Dr did it so she takes 2 at 8 am 1 at 1 1 at 4 1 at 7 but she is shaking worse and has to take the extra one but its not helping initially having the 2 in the morning it worked , but now she is shakin all the time to no avail the dr has said to persevere but she is feeling horrible any advice please do these meds take time to work ?? build up or is there any thing we can do she is a private patient as the nhs was taking to long please she is so upset with all this shaking she is 81

You say two tablets what strength 62.5mg or 125mg

Hi teyha,

I'm really sorry to hear that your Mum's medication seems to be making things worse for her, and that she is feeling so bad at the moment. Please do give us a call on 0808 800 0303 and speak to one of our specialist Nurses about this, they will be able to help with your questions and what to do to help you Mum.

I hope things improve for her soon. 

Take care and best wishes to you both.

Joanne - Digital team. 


hello i did leave a voice mail for some one to get back to me but no one has of yet x

Does she shake in morning after she takes 2 then and is she sick with this first's best to take these half an hour before breakfast aswell. Let me know and hopefully pd nurse will get back to you. If she ok with that first dose then i would take 1 and half tablet you can split the, 12.30 .Then eat dinner 1 o clock .then take one and half at 5.30ish then have tea about six and see how you get on .taking tablets with warm water helps aswell. It's always hard at the start to get right balance all the best

Hi tehya,

Sorry to hear that nobody has got back to you yet, I'll follow this up with the team.

Best wishes,

Joanne - Digital team. 

Hi tehya,

I've checked in with our Helpline team and they have tried to get in touch but have missed you so far - they will try again soon :-)



i work nights so i may have been asleep please ask them not to give up i will try to wake up in time to call them also thank you x