Sinnemet newly prescribed

Neurologist has prescribed 1 12.5 tablet per day week one, 2 per day week 2 and starting today 3 per day.

I have a question:

I am currently taking one at 7am before breakfast, one At 2pm after lunch
When to take 3rd?
I’m thinking at 7pm after evening meal.

Advice please

Hey, I space my three tablets out at 9, 130, and 7. However, I take them before food, I try hold out for an hour, but at least half an hour depending on how hungry I am. I believe, I’m no expert I’m sure others with more experience will hopefully give you a better answer, that protein can stop the drug from working so it’s best not taken immediately after food?

My newly diagnosed husband started on 1 three times a day three days ago. His PD recommended taking them with food until he knows he can tolerate them. Seems a bit odd when I read they shouldn’t be taken with protein meals. My husband is taking them at breakfast lunch and tea.

Hi jules9, welcome to the forum, if I understand your question correctly, just starting medication and increasing over three weeks until build up to the three tablets per day? This is how I started my meds, I would check with PD nurse or the helpline, I was made aware after quite a few weeks, how long to leave before or after a meal to take the meds. As DB123 has mentioned taking protein in a meal may affect how the medication being absorbed. Another tip I had was to drink plenty of water. As I understand my medication is absorbed in the stomach and when and what you eat may affect how it is absorbed, i’m sure if you call the helpline someone will able to help if you don’t yet have access to a PD nurse.

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Hi Jules 9,
I was Diagnosed with PD in 2016, and have been on Sinamet since then.
I was initially told to space the doses equally during the day but found that I was experiancing very vivid dreams.
Sinamet is time critcal ( something to insist on if you have to go into hospital)
I now take them at 8am, 12 noon, 4pm and 8pm… As I found I was sometimes forgetting a dose, I now have a reminder set on my phone.
If I take them on an empty stomache they make me feel nausious, so I try to fit my meal times to the dose times or have half a digestive biscuit with them.
Hope this helps. Shl W

I was recently diagnosed with PD and prescribed as follows:

To be taken at meal times

Wk 1 x 1 tablet per day
Wk 2 - 2 tablets per day 1 am and 1pm

Adding 1 tablet per week until week 6 - 2 tablets with breakfast, lunch and evening mea. A total of 6 tablets per day.

I have heard on YouTube that the best way is either 1 hour before food, or two hours after food.

I will try to follow the directions given at build up the doseage as requested and take with food.

Should any complications arise I can , hopefully, follow up with the neurologist.