Sit & Slide sheets

What’s the view? Do these expensive sheets really work and make moving in bed a lot easier?

Hello marsh_david, the short answer is slide sheets can be very successful in managing various bed repositioning needs if used correctly. Youtube has a number of videos and it may be worth watching a few to have a better idea of how they work

My husband was finding it nearly impossible to turn over in bed. The OT got us a satin sheet from EMSEC Easy Move Sheets and he finds it excellent in that he can turn over in bed and move much easier. We have a double bed. I have since bought another one so that I can wash it without having to use an ordinary sheet for a couple of nights, They are expensive, costing £67.20 ex VAT and including postage for a double bed.

Yes very definitely. The only disadvantage is that it is quite difficult to sit in bed (reading for instance) as you quickly find yourself having slid down the bed! I would definitely recommend using slidey sheets,

Satin/ silk pyjamas on our cotton sheets work a treat!

Cheaper alternatives?