Sitting in a car

I have been diagnosed around 18 months. For the last few weeks I have found that sitting in a car as a passenger makes me very nervous especially on busy roads and quite nauseous.

Also, I have spent many years driving around the M25 visiting a friend. I find now that when I am driving I hate being next to lorries and it makes me feel nervous. Is it just old age or the Parkinsons? I have no problems driving around locally.

Would be interested to know how others feel. Thanks.

I’m definitely a lot more nervous as a passenger in a car than I used to be and I think it is due to Parkinsons. (Or maybe my husband’s driving has deteriorated :grinning:)

I’ve always been lacking in confidence when driving myself though so haven’t noticed much change in that!

Maybe a mixture of both? I use to drive 20,000+ miles a year all over the UK for work & visiting family and thought nothing of doing a 450 mile round trip in a day to visit my mother. These days I’d rather take the train but am perfectly happy driving locally and do so regularly. My husband feels the same though he has some form of Parkinsons and I don’t. Unusually we’ve recently made a couple of long journeys including motorways and busy dual carriageways and shared the driving which was fine for us both but we took our time and had longer stops than we would have done 5 years ago.

I thought it was only me - phew makes me feel better knowing I am not the only one. If it gets too bad, I close my eyes and breath deeply - some times helps other times I can’t close my eyes so just do the deep breathing. I rarely drive - usually to my mothers about 2 miles away once a week - I just see danger every where. If any body has a way of calming down that works would love to know.

Sorry twitched and pressed the button by mistake - hmmmmm.

I too used to drive the motorway for years - never bothered me then. But I have to say reading your email, it was just as if I had written it.

Doesn’t help with all the lorry’s on the roads and flash cars that go at a speed !!!

Thanks for all your replies. Makes me feel better knowing it’s not just me that feels this way. I never put my age, I am 68 so I suppose even without PD my motorway driving would be coming to an end.
Thanks again.