Sitting up aids

Hi, I’m looking for ideas on how to help someone stay upright when eating at the table and also in the car. My mother in law is getting frustrated from slouching on her left side which slowly results in sliding all the way down. She sits in a wheelchair at the dining table and ‘wedging’ her in seems to not help. I’ve searched all the obvious places to find seating aids but nothing seems to be designed to help this scenario. Any ideas?

Hi @icklebear

Welcome to the forum, I am sure people will soon share their experiences, in the meantime please do contact our helpline as they can put you in touch with your local adviser who may know of an orgaisation who can help. The helpline number is 0808 800 0303 or email:[email protected]. Alternatively you can contact remap at - (they custom make equipment to help people wityh disabilities).


Sue - Moderation Team

Have you spoken to an OT? I work with children with pmld and their OTs seems to have solutions to help similar issues, might be worth a chat with them.