Size of tablets

My lover has PD. I am not his carer so have not memorised the names of his medications. However, I know he struggles to manage, partly to do with the size of them - some are tiny! I take thyroxine which are pretty dinky, but his are minute. He also now has to cut one tablet in half and it is not going well. He has a tablet-cutter but already struggles with cutlery, using a stapler, and much more. He doesn’t get a clean cut so isn’t getting the right dose.
I just can’t understand why the tablets can’t be made larger and more manageable? And why he can’t be dispensed them in the right size…
I recognise there could be problems for others if they were large, swallowing more difficult. But can’t Big Pharma consider these other issues? Stupid question…
Rant over

I find this to be quite an issue. Compounded by the fact that the pharmacy I use (and all the others in the area) can’t always get the same brand of tablet so the size and shape I have to cut varies. Some simply disintegrate in the pill cutter.

I don’t have a perfect solution. Your comment has started me wondering if a better design of pill cutter is the real solution.

As for cutlery, I was struggling badly but then bought a couple of sets online with very substantial grips which are much easier to use. Cost under 20 quid and well worth it in my experience.

Thank you for replying. Luckily, he got his medication altered to be more usable. I haven’t done anything about cutlery as he is due for operation to get medication through stomach,so hopefully motor symptoms will improve.
I hope you get some medication sense , although it doesn’t sound like it. Ever wish the providers of these things had to live with it -just for a day?