Skiing -- i know!

Hi to All,
Haven't been round these parts for a long time, this is a new and sparkley forum !

Anyway straight to the point,I'm 42, diagnosed when i was 30.
Having skied since i was 10 years old and most seasons since I'm determined to keep going every year. I love the freedom, the mountain air, even the cold is refreshing and while I really struggle walking, my skiing is still ok ish !

And so to the point, is anybody keen to go skiing maybe next season ?
Even if you don't ski, just getting away with some people who share a common problem can be very relaxing.

We could ski badly all day and then spill a few beers afterwards !!??

If you're interested or know of somebody who may be interested,
send me a message.

Regards to all

Can't ski, can't fly, not mobile enough, too stressful, can't drink, can't mix, can't afford it, doesn't appeal to me anyway! :wink:
Haave a good time though....
Hey how's u? I'm 35 diagnosed at 29 with the lovely Pd condition :-) I went on ski trip this was before I was diagnosed with anything suffering from things to which I hadn't a clue about walking was a wee bit funny, I used to mask the walking with a fake limp.... I used to tremble alot.....
So I decided to go skiing lol had a ball but the frustrating part was balancing yourself so hard.... My prob was I couldn't turn or stop haha so I used to whizzz down the slopes using either people or fences to stop haha but if that wasn't bad enuf I decided to go snowboarding lol
I'd be abit of a mad man nothing really detears me so I've been skiing twice and this was at my worse before diagnoses .... I know if I went skiing again I'd prob be entered in the winter omplipics cos the meds really changed my life around :-) so basically if I can try skiing anyone can ....
Hope ye have fun I know ye will :-)
Don't ski
But the apres ski
Might be very nice
Wish I could ski as all the family do.Have a good time and keep it up and keep posting.
Hi there fellow skier, i am 65 and been diagnosed 6 years, last 2 years I have taken my caravan to France for 3 months in the snow. We ski downhill and langlauf, also we do some snowshoe walking. We have just booked onto a caravan site at Taninges from Jan 2nd to late March. We use the Massif season ticket which covers Samoens, Morion and Cluses ((grand Massif includes Flain) Also near Port du Solie area. If you want to try the area this season, for a long or short period get in touch.( you can view the area on Google maps between Geneva and Chamoni n the East.)
good ski-ing Vince
]Hi fellow Shakey skiers
after finally getting dx oct last year I skied feb and had the best time in years
I am sure it mainly due to the meds kicking in
Like we all no we have had pd long before dx I spent more time in with ski related
injury than sking Im booked for next march with friends to Stubi in Austria
cheers Adrian

Ps see me making a fool or myself on youtube at 16 saas fee 11
Im the numpty in the red bandanner n specs:grin::grin:
The last time I went skiing was about four years ago (at the age of 60 and before diagnosis). All I remember is feeling terrified because I couldn’t do right turns - my skis kept crossing - which now makes sense because I am left-side affected. That experience, as well as the thought of getting on and off ski-lifts, put me off for good, I’m afraid.

I’m full of admiration for you guys, though. All power to you!
Hello to all of you !!!
Wasn't planning on going skiing this season but then the lure of the mountains gets you, the newspapers start there skiing travel reviews and then ski sunday starts and the music !!!
So one half of me says give it a rest this season and the other half says next year you may not be physically able to ski ?!?!!?
What do you guys think !?!?!?!
Carpe Diem!

If you are drawn (as I am) by the lure of the mountains you should get out there if you are able. Go and enjoy yourself as much as you can. I have not skied properly since dx but that is much more to do with having a young family than Dr Parkinson.

It's so strange reaing these about people skiing and finding something not right as that is how I discovered my parkinsons, unable to do fast right turns only left ones. My solution to not skiing, which I think I could again now my meds are sorted, is Finland and snowmobiling. Beautifull, if not mountainous, scenery, and such a laid back way of lifestyle.
Or try dog sledding. I tried this briefly a few years ago in Sweden. The dogs are like a hairy ball of enthusiasm with a tail stuck on the back and a tongue hanging out the front. They just love to run & race each other. The instructor gives you a few words that you can shout at the dogs to give you the pretence that you have control. In truth the lead dog has quite a say inwhat occurs.
Dashing through the snow in a 4 dog open sleigh...... oh what fun......

Hi Tallguy
GO FOR IT. I was going to cancel last season after dx am so glad I went,
the 1st day a few of our group had a lesson that really helped my confidence.
Im trying to get fit for next year, I think it helps if you go with a group of friends
who look out and encourage you
Bring on the powder:grin:

ps maybe we could set a shaky ski team:grin:
Better to regret the things you do than the things you forego
Hi guys, thanks for all your advice again !! Having skied the pass 12 seasons with my pd, I thought after breaking 2 ribs 2seasons ago I should hang up my boots, but bollocks to it, something's gone to get us all one day may as well be in the fresh air of the apes !!!
Marina, shaky ski team sounds good !!
I'm sure I heard about a couple (the guy had PD ) who used to have big chalet in Chamonix used to advertise to people with movement disorders and would take them to the mountains with a ski guide or just relax in the sunshine. His wife would give talks on movement disorders and the latest research etc.
Must try and find the info.
Anyway I'm going to get the ski brochures out !!!
Forgot to say sallymac thats you motto is the same as mine, I'll pay the credit cards off when I can't walk and talk anymore !!!!
Hello Tallguy great to hear from you again
I think we ought to do as much as possible while we still are able
The Chamonix thing sounds really great and although ive spent time in the hospital with a dislocated shoulder
plus cracked some ribs on another trip Id still go again
Im going to Austria in March but I could fit another week in jan/feb
Cheers Adrian
you can always private msg me with ideas
When i first skied while on the meds, i skied the first run of the holiday like franz klammer, went back to do he same again, got half way down and the draining feeling as my meds slipped away !!! Franz klammer for the first run and bambi on ice for the next run, must have hit the snow about 20 times !!! Eventually figured out that i needed to take 3 times the amount of sinemet than i would normally take, bit dyskinetic in the evening, i was popping them like Pez !