I was told I had Parkinson’s last April after a ski holiday when I found out I could hardly lift my leg and had tremor in right arm .But managed a better level of fitness after joining rock steady boxing and neuro fit classes so I could carry on skiing for as long as possible. I take Sinimet12.5/50 three times a day

Great! My husband has PD and he had to take early retirement at 53, he’s 56 now. We went straight off and did a ski season. He’s now on his third season, five years in. He finds he has to take an extra Sinemet (4 a day not 3) and take the first one earlier and then we have a very late lunch like about 3pm and short breaks before that. He can’t ski much after the lunch but between 11 and 3 he’s on fire. He’s skiing better than he ever has. Good luck with your future skiing.

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Skiing is great fun and as a bonus good exercise for us all. The main thing to remember is to enjoy it and if you need a break take one. I will have been diagnosed 2 years ago and I’m looking forward to introducing my family to skiing very soon.

Sorry for taking so long to reply .l also thought of taking extra sinemet if the need arose but didn’t need it (spoke to pd nurse) l also try to ski more in the morning and take it easy I the afternoon .Hope you enjoy skiing as much as your husband.

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You won’t regret introducing you family to skiing as i have being skiing for over 40 years .There are videos of people skiing with Parkinson’s on you tube if you need inspiration.Hope you enjoy your holiday

I was diagnosed in 2017 and had next proper ski trip in 2019. Having skied for almost 40 years, I am a fit and confident skier (don’t fall over in a week). My trip last year saw me fall flat on my face 20 minutes into my first day (very flat light) and that really threw me. Maybe in my mid fifties I would have started to slow down, but my daughters have finally caught up with me! I still think I have skiing left in me, but I know my left leg lags somewhat and I will have to take it easier

I was given resistance band exercise for my right leg by my physio it seemed to help

All going well on first day and kids loved their lessons. Happy days!!! Thanks for your reply

just had 3 wonderful days in Sierra Nevada Spain. Baz 71 Diagnosed 8 yrs ago still enjoying skiing as much as ever,just a little slower and more controlled!!! Try to keep doing as much as you can for as long as you can and never give up

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Hi Kath we did 3 ski seasons in 98/99/2000 with Silver Skl b4 Baz was diagnosed. Thanks to doing them has enabled him to still be skiing at 71after diagnosed at 63.Yes it is hard work but we loved it.


Hello I’m v keen skier and have improved considerably since taking pills I’m aiming for free ski pass at 80 ( 36 to go)
Determined to get there … spend winters out in alps near Chamonix Pd is making me appreciate things more than ever and not sweat the small stuff… silver linings

So great to hear all these positive ski stories. Couldn’t go last two years cos of Covid but just got back from amazing week in Austria and my husband still doing brilliantly. We love it. He’s on wait list for DBS but we’re hoping to keep going with skiing for many more years. Think positive!

I love it too. We met on a ski holiday and have skied together for 37 years. Long may it continue…

Oh my god… I’m really sorry. Is skiing your favorite hobby?