Hi, I was diagnosed with PD about 3.5 years ago. I'm 53. My symptoms are currently restricted to minor tremors, though my sense of smell has gone. The PD doesn't impact my daily life much, yet, apart from being a much worse typist than I used to be. I'm on amantadine and rotigotine patches.

I've been a keen skiier for over 20 years. I've found, since my diagnosis, that I have particularly severe problems when the light is 'flat'. Flat light makes skiing more difficult for everyone, but I find that my balance goes completely and I can't tell up from down.

Anyone else found this?

I have had a problem with my flat light too. Only when Im on the piste.

I get an intermittent flashing of light before my eyes.

Last time this happened I had a dizzy spell so I have had to curtail my activities.

I would say dont go looking for advice on the internet go to your gp or an optician and get a professional opinion.
Skiing? Erm!

My sentiments too.

If only skiing and 'flat light', whatever the heck that is, was a problem I would be dancing down the aisles!

Putting on clothes is a more immediate problem.
I understand the flat light problem having also been a keen skier for years. When the light is poor you cannot read the snow in front of you so well and can't use visual cues to help you react to bumps etc that will disturb your balance.

If you are always perfectly balanced on your skis and have the strength and speed to maintain that state despite the changes you will be fine..... If Parkinson's or anything else compromises your fine balance, speed or strength then the results can be irritating.

Looking back I now think that my first physical symptom of Parkinson's happened while skiing. I'd only just lost my sense of smell and thought nothing of it, I had an unusually difficult week on skis and thought it was the result of being unfit. That was a good 18 months before my typing started to suffer.