Skin cancer and Parkinson's

I have recently had two melanomas removed - the most dangerous type of skin cancer and will be kept under regular review by dermatologist.

The information leaflet with my Madopar prescription states:
‘Do not take Madopar if you have ever had skin cancer’

I also recently stopped taking rasageline as it was causing dyskenesia. The guidance for it states
‘Treatment with Rasageline may possibly increase the risk of skin cancer’

Any advice on continuing to take Madopar in these circumstances?

Hello Meparkie
I’m sorry I can’t help you with your question but wanted to wish you well.

You really need to discuss this with your Neuro or Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist.

I suffered two incidents of skin cancer on my head several years ago. They were both “Squamous Cell” . Having read the warnings of skin cancer on the medication notes, I pursued the matter with my Neurologist. He advised that the warning was more specific to Melanoma and should not affect Squamous Cell. I have had no further outbreaks.