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I am new to this forum - sorry if I ramble!!

My Dad is 73 and was diagnosed at age 68. Dad always had very smooth skin for his age with no wrinkles. As he got into his sixties he developed very greasy skin on the face and even started getting spots. When he was about 67 his finger on his right had started to swell and within 6 months he was experiencing tremor. When I started looking into parkinsons symptoms greasy skin came up alot. As the Parkinsons has got worse so has his skin. His face and neck are often covered in huge whitehead boils and spots which are very painful. Can anyone else relate to this? Any idea why this happens?

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Hi Pomegranate, and welcome to the forum.

Everyone's experience of Parkinson's and its symptoms are different but some people with Parkinson's do have problems with their skin. We have a free information sheet called Skin and sweating problems in Parkinson's - see The information sheet explains what the problems can be and how they can be managed.

Does anybody else have experiences of this that they can share with Pomegranate?

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I started to get greasy skin/spots which ive never suffered with before not even in my teens, also some dry skin at the other end of the spectrum, in convosation with a gp one appointment i mentioned it, it may or may not of be of help too you, but he suggested useing baby bath/shampoo as obviously it is milder and kinder for the skin.

On another note, my grandfather has always bathed in a rainwater mix, his skin is perfect at 95, i'm not suggesting you do, but we live in a hardwater area, and rain water is soft.

yeh hi pomegranate, i suffer sweating alot under arms every 12-15 months have botox injections really do the trick,& for the face a good face scrub ,boots chemist in morning & even .And you can always go to gp aswell ,i have some lotion called zinerty from gp

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dads spots were so severe, very big and painful (very large white heads that erupted all over his face and neck) that he was put on antibiotics by the gp - after a couple of years on antibitiocs the spots seemed to get worse not better and he stopped the antibiotics 

I am very interested to know what the Parkinsons does to the system to cause this. It seems it causes too much oil production. One thing ive noticed in my dads family is that all my uncles and auntys who are wrinkle free with more greasy skin are in much worse health then those who have wrinkles!! 

My dad comes from a  big family with many siblings. He also has had 3 cousins diagnosed with Parkinsons in tehre 60's/70's/80's so i think tehre must be a genetic cause.