Has anyone else developed an itchy skin since the heating was switched on and putting on extra clothes, is there something in our meds combining with the warmth thats the cause of it.
Morning Roz,

I get itchy lower legs when I've been up for too long. It's to do with gravitational oedema of the cells in the skin and muscles around the ankle and my only relief is to get my feet above my heart by lying down with feet elevated.

I put a pillow under the foot end of the mattress of my bed, again to elevate the swollen ankles, and it works better than putting a pillow in the bed. [I kick it out!]

I've been told to drink more water, which flushes out toxins and helps prevent the oedema in the first place.

The only other thing I could think of was biological washing powder. Since you may not have worn these warm clothes for a while, that might course itchiness.

With kind regards, Cecily.
'might cause'
hi i get it up and down me shins,me neuro told me it was the nerves teitching under the skin ,it drives me mad some imes could scatch erm till the bleed.
I get it on the lower legs too, when I'm in bed. A hot water bottle helps a lot.