Sleep and snoring

Hi, my hubby is 1 year in. We still think of ourselves as new, as he is only on azilect. He's 39 soon and having huge fatigue problems.We've been referred for sleep studies. For the last 12 years he has been a very quiet sleeper. Now he snores, is this an experience anyone else has had? It's challenging for us right now, as I'm 30 weeks pregnant with our second. I have a disability myself so I'm not sure how we are going to cope. We're both working hard to pay our house off now, and we can't help but feel we are at the beginning of a sharp decline. Thanks all, I enjoy reading the helpful non judgemental posts.


Yes, I started snoring a year or more before diagnosis. But then all my family snores! If I did snore before, it has got worse, as hubby was waking me up to stop me snoring. I use a CPAP machine now so hubby is glad not to hear me snore any more. He blames his enlarged heart on years of untreated sleep apnoea.

Sorry to hear about the fatigue problems. Catnaps, closing the eyes for 5 mins or a quick lie down have helped me.

All the best, and keep in touch!


I have a cure, not for the snorer, per se, but for the partner who is bothered by it. I have performed it successfully on myself (as the affected partner) and I am starting a pilot study where I find people willing to try my method to see if it works for them too. I would coach you through the process I used and hopefully this would be enough to have it work for you too. But I would also use this opportunity to refine my teaching method, adding whatever was necessary (and possible) to have you “get it” successfully. I would do this for free! I am super excited about this process because in using it, I resolved the issue in under a month, and now I no longer even hear the snoring. If you are interesting in hooking up with me by phone/skype/whatever and seeing whether I can turn you into someone who no longer hears snoring, so is therefore of course not bothered anymore by it at all, please respond here and let’s find a way to exchange personal information so we can hook up. I think I’d be willing to post an email address publicly to enable us connecting and we could go from there. Cheers, Michelle