Sleep Disturbance in PD

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This is a link to my vlog about sleep disturbance in PD.



Another great vlog, yet another subject that is dominant in my PD

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One word - cannabis

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Very helpful. Thank you very much.

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I take enough drugs without having to resort to cannabis,I also have IGA nephropothy of the kidneys,try that.

Do you mean cannabis as in buying from a dealer or the oil you get from Holland and Barrett?

In my experience, you need a full extract oil; CBD is of very minimal use on its own. Best way forward is to grow your own, and take it from there. That way you can also experiment with different strains; as each strain has a different Cannabinoid profile, this enables you to get the optimum help. This is, of course, illegal. Recent moves to “Re-schedule” Cannabis are not going to offer us any real help I’m sorry to say. I grew my own for quite a few years, but have had to stop due to circumstances beyond my control.

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I mean whole cannabis from a dealer. H&B CBD oil is too weak to be of any use.

I didn’t think we had druggies involved,trying to get us all on something we cannot give up,yes cannabis is addictive,or so I’ve heard.

What utter nonsense. This is proof of how successful brainwashing is.