Sleep problems solved

This is one of my rare contributions to the forum but I am so keen to share this with you.

My daughter gave me an i pod shuffle for my birthday.This is a tiny, square piece of technology with earphones onto which you download music.I have downloaded "Sleep" music which I purchased from Amazon. There is a huge range of soothing music and sounds to promote relaxation and sound sleep and guess what? IT WORKS :grin:

I now listen to my sleep music for 10 mins or so at bedtime and switch it off once I feel sleepy. I still wake up in the early hours but instead of then spending the rest of the night tossing and turning I now listen to the music again and soon go back to sleep with the music still playing. Last night I woke at 1am and slept till 6am having had a total 7 hours sleep!!! It has been a week now and I feel a new person. Hope you find this interesting.
That is a great idea. It is particularly good that it helps you get back to sleep in the small hours. I expect it will get even more effective as you use it more and strengthen the association in your mind between the music and deep ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Can you expand on that a bit. Some of the music I have put on it have a backgroiund of water noises. My favorite, and the one that seems most efective, is the sound of tropical rain!.

Is it in any way harmful to fall asleep with noises playing in your ears??

Kind regards
I'm not an expert but I think that having a routine around relaxing and getting to sleep is important. I think any music will work as long as you associate it with sleep. Each time you use the music to make you sleep the association in your mind will get stronger.
I'm not aware of any danger in listening to music as you sleep provided you avoid the risk of getting wires snagged round your neck. I'd expect the standard apple in ear headphones or similar to be safe.

And have you tried using it when you walk?
My husband was given the Coldstream Guards marching music to put on his iPod and has now changed from shuffling and freezing to marching steadily!
Sleep well!
Hi Jamey,
Have you tried BBC Radio 4`s TODAY IN PARLIAMENT ?
It works for me - five or six minutes and I`m out like a light.
Ha Ha - like your style. If we cant have a laugh what hope is there for us!!

Five Live Up All Night does it for me and even better was Talksport when it did late night chat.
i liked the idea of listening to relaxation music, so i tried listening on my ipad. its great i put it on very quietly, no headphones, if i fall asleep it just stops, or i can put it on again. i listen through You Tube. Thanks:stuck_out_tongue:
I am going to try this with my hubby tonight, he always has trouble sleeping, although its down to him trying to get comfortable. I have a little gadget that i bought for my baby which plays rain, sea, heart beat etc. it didn't work with her but. Might have better luck with my husband!

Thanks for the tip x