Sleep problems

I have recently been prescribed clonazepam for night terrors where I act out my nightmare by hitting out in my sleep. Has anyone else had this drug and was it effective?? Any help much appreciated,

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HI BarbH
I’m sorry i do not know. But I have suffered from night terrors and had the whole house awake! At the moment I’m only having the occasional one . But you have my sympathy.

Hi @BarbH
Yes, I have been taking clonazepam tablets since mid 2017. Like you I was prescribed them for acting out my dreams. Effects before taking them included, thrashing about in bed, throwing or jumping out of bed landing on the floor and usually hurting myself. All this happened several nights per week and progressively got worse. By accident I did occasionally hit or kick my wife and also occasionally land on or near my fantastic and very loyal cocker spaniel, Loki. Once the right medication and dosages were sorted, thankfully occurences are very rare. Attacks when they do occur are usually brought on by stress or extreme fatigue. I have recently received a diagnois of Cronic fatigue syndrome, do another condition to add to my expanding list of conditions / issues brought on because of mr parky.

Before clonazepam I also took and continue to take amitriptyline. Both were slowly increase over a period of nearly 3 years, will explain below. I now take 1500 micrograms of clonazepam, 30 milligrams of amitriptyline, 6 milligrams of Melotonin and x2 Half Sinemet CR 25/100mg.

In late 2019, I was sent for a sleep study at the Royal Papworth hospital, which resulted in being then admitted to their sleep study centre in early 2020. I spent 3 days being monitored and tested, had probes and wires all over the place as they were trying as they always do, rule out any other causes before saying it is due to mr parky.

Results of sleep study and sleep latency, showed no underlying health conditions thst could be causing my issue and the diagnosis following the 3 days was that I hardly ever entre or remain in REM sleep or deep sleep. I was diagnosed with REM behaviour sleep disorder with high probality that it was mr parky induced.

It was following this study, I was prescribed the Melatonin. I would suggest that if clonazepam does not reduce your issues to an acceptable level for both your own safety and that of your partner ask your neurologist or GP for a sleep disorder appointment. The reason I say safety is on one occasion I ended up going through the glass door of one of our wardrobes (no longer have these). I was extremely luck to get away with a few cuts and bruise’s. Fortunately I have Steri-srips in my canoeing first aid kit and liquid skin spray so was able with the wife’s help able to remove the glass fragments, clean and seal all cuts.

In addition to medication I also have a bed rail to prevent me falling out of bed. Also Loki over the years of growing up with me and mr parky recognises signs of when I am not coping or about to get into a full blown episode of thrashing about, gets out of his bed and starts pawing and or licking me which also helps me. He also does this during the day time and always comes when he hears my bugle alarm that I use to remind me to take my meds. Finally I will added that apart from making me extremely drowsy I have had no other side affects.

Good luck with the clonazepam and I really hope it works / settles thi gs down for you. :sunglasses:

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Honestly never heard of it. Other forums do not highlight similar messages. What does your doctor say about this?

Thanks for your reply. I’ve been taking 500mcg Clonazepam, 1 tablet 1hour before bedtime. It’s working very well and the night terrors have all but ended. It does make me drowsy and I fall asleep very quickly and wake up less for nightime visits to the loo. Been positive all round so I’d be happy to recommend it although there are no guarantees that it would work for everyone. Many thanks for sharing your experiences.