Sleep talking

My talking in my sleep is driving my husband nuts. I’ve tried everything I can think of but nothing seems to help. Has anyone managed to deal with this problem, if so I’d love to know what worked for you.

Hi Gwendoline, I do this, and sometimes act out my dreams as well. Sometimes it’s quite funny to hear what I’ve been saying! But the downside is the sleep disturbance, I usually feel pretty rubbish after a noisy night. I have been prescribed clonazepam for this by my consultant and it definitely helps me. Good luck.

Hi Jo3, many thanks for your message. My consultant also suggested clonazepam but I felt like a zombie the following day. Maybe I should give it a longer go. Did you find it took a while to settle down? It’s good to hear that I’m not alone!

Hi Gwendolyn,
I only take half a tablet and I don’t take it every night. I think you might want to experiment with the best time for you to take it so it is wearing off when you get up? I maybe just lucky but I don’t get that hangover effect in the morning.
Good luck.