Sleep 'talking'

Hi, just in the last few months I have been, according to hubby, shouting, screaming,crying snd laughing really loudly in my sleep .  He has to wake me up to stop it.  I sometimes remember part of the dream for a short while but mostly have no recollection of it.  I have had pd for over eight years. Is this sleep talking a common problem?

Hello Aulmay

I don

Hello Aulmay I don`t know if sleep talking is a common problem but certainly my husband talks and laughs in his sleep.  Sometimes I can hear the words and he seems to be talking to old colleagues.  I know he enjoyed his working life but I didn`t realise they laughed together so often.


Yes, I get this a little bit: I wake myself up with the talking. It's called Parasomnia, apparently, and you can read all about it here Your husband's dreams sound more fun than mine, hatknitter

yes I act out dreams most nights and lately my dreaming has been more disturbed--- hitting out at my Hubby shouting and crying.Hubby says my hitting him is very " girly" and to date I've not hurt him! I discussed this with consultant who has prescribed Carbimazole at night ---I am still waiting for prescription so don't know if it will help.

Prior to diagnosis and progression of PD I did always have vivid dreams but  usually they were pleasant ones !

Funny, but I too have always been a prolific dreamer of very realistic dreams. In the past they were silent and I presume without the kicking , nowadays I usually know that I have shouted  or kicked and I can explain why, if woken up quickly . I have been wondering if all (or most) PwPs  were intense dreamers when young?

I also experience weird and vivid dreams . I have been told it is the Requip that does it . As with some hallucinations when half awake .

My most embarrassing moment was when I was asleep on a plane and woke everyone up with my shouting whilst dreaming . .

I do not remember my dreams being as vivid before my meds . Sometimes I am aware that I am dreaming and can control the actions ......strange .



Good Morning Aulmay

                  Loud shouting Is normal for PD people , I suffer every time I go to sleep,I am usualy being humiliated,or fighting local thugs, these episodes are very distressing and I wake myself up screaming

either in pain or anger, my wife has had a battering on many occasions when I am in fight mode so much in fact that we now sleep in separate bedrooms ,we tried single beds  but I also go walkabout , this is really terrifying as I also Hallucinate when walking or more usually crawling , the crawling is due to PD shutting me down, I am sure the horrible visions are visual representations of the fear PD generates in me, they almost always are very tall black and float around the bedroom ,they have long pointy teeth which telescope in and out , if you have seen Alien you will know what I mean, there are also small creatures hideous in appearance which leap onto my bed and slowly creep towards my face they produce tactile effects or movement  and the bed actually moves as these visions of hell creep closer, eventually the terror is too much and my screaming alerts my wife who must be very brave as when I am deep into the dream sometimes it takes a while before she can settle me down , I was wondering if any of my friends on the forum have to endure this most horrible of PD side effects, I have tried every thing to prevent me entering this paralell universe alas to no avail,also the hellish situations in  which I find myself often translucidate into waking hours and reality , I will be  watching tv and the news will display NEWSFLASH PLANES COLLIDE OVER BOSNIA this was about ten or twelve years ago, one of the Aircraft a Tupolev 154 was carrying a most precious cargo of school children going on holliday it collided with a 757 freighter and all were  killed, the pevous night I had the worst ever night terror ,a TU154 crashed near my home and I rushed to help, a vision of hell greeted me and the screams were of children the Aircraft was carrying children I had no choice I ran into the flames and began to pull them from the shattered fuselage I was picking them up two at a time and throwing them clear,my arms were on fire my hair was burning but I had to get them to safety as I was pulling at their arms the skin was peeling off it is something I will never forget as It actually took place 22 hrs later, I will stop now as this always upsets me , and these premonition dreams are haunting me constantly and in the last ten years 12 of them resulted in me collapsing in distress when they came true, I must go now.

                                     May you all escape this terrible product of PD.



Hi Fed,  thank you for that, it must be upsetting writing your reply to me and I truly appreciate you doing so. Your dreams sound like hell on earth and as you said, I hope I escape this.   I have always been asked if I have bad dreams or shout out in sleep when at my PD clinic so surely there must be some medication to help.  I do hope so anyway.   Sending my best wishes to both you and your wife.

I too suffer with this, or should I say hubby suffers because I have this. 

My neuro has prescribed me a mild sedative which prevents this from happening, now we are both getting a better nights sleep.

Fedexlite your dreams sound much more like nightmares! Have noticed that if I am more stressed /worried than usual then my dreams are more prolific.

Hello jdl, seabreeze  and Aulmay I think I may have found a way to sustain a good nights sleep ,I have taken delivery of the softest Memory Foam mattress and tried it out this afternoon I  immediately fell into a deep dreamless sleep a restful  sleep it was amazing I felt so refreshed and in a much better frame of mind, lets hope it passes the true test , tonight  I will let you know how it goes.

                                      Sleep well my friends   Fedex

Yes  a good sleep does us the world of good.We bought a memory foam mattress at the beginning of the year --but not a too soft one as I have difficulty turning in bed --it helps with the pain in my hip but not the dreaming !

Hope you slept well Fedex

Sleep would be nice

ill take my chances with the talking



I have been having these dreams now for a while long before  was diagnosed I used to be woken up by my husband because I was shouting and bawling at someone. Then I started hitting him. He used to hold my arms together to stop me from punching him. I am not a violent person but we were disscussing seperate rooms before he passed away. My kids now tell me its got louder since we lost John and on more than one occassion one of them has had to come into my room to wake me. Asked my gp but they want me to tell my pd nurse in december hope she can give me something Im afraid to go to sleep some nights for fear of waking the kids. Dont worry they are grown up not tots lol. Just dont feel that good about it xx

  margaret xx

Night Terrors and day Terrors as I cant escape if I decide to catch up on some zzzzzzs and have a lie down in the afternoon , its almost as if my brain is going Bi  Polar when I sleep, its released from the controls I exert upon it when conscious in other words I am kind gentle thoughtfull courteous generous handsome?? well some say, usually in the opticians, while I am awake and a right b/;:$!rd when I am sleeping, I am making light of the problem here but I really dont know how my mind has remained intact , this afternoon I fell asleep on the couch or cooch as it is called in the land of the Geordies, and dreamt I was in the office that took the first hit on 9/11 I was trying to warn my friends and was screaming at them to run but no sound would come out of my mouth and as I turned I could see the faces of the murdering  maniacs faces filled with hate,

  Night Terrors, hardly descriptive enough, I was there I felt the Horror as the big 767 grew larger and  larger

                   Sleep well my friends             Fed