Sleep walkin

ive slept walk since i was little ,but only very rarely ,but latley i seem to be doin it quit frequetly and i dunna no why ,last nite i did it cus i came in the livin room this mornin at 6am and on the floor was the dog toys in a straight line and under them was the ornments from by the tv stand in a line also,now that is freakin me out a bit,i no ihave fallin when bin a sleep ,it not woke me when i did it but when i woke by me self i can tell by me body that ihave had a fall ,i have bad dreams alot and wake in sweats ,and mange to drift back off eveually but cn also seem to get back to the nasty dream agin ,i try to bloke erm out me head but it dont seem to happinin to good for me.ive not long come out of hospital and was not on any meds at at all for 1 week and a day ,now ive bin introduced back on to erm and now on full time agin with erm ,i carnt really work out why these walks and dreams happinin to me ,does anyone else seem to have same probs or no anyone who has got or had this prob ,and if so how do u try and stop it:confused:
My o/h sleepwalks and talks in his sleep. However I'm the one with PD! I just get bad dreams and wake up screaming! I think it's all a sign of feeling insecure or anxious whether got PD or not.....but that's just a guess.
My husband is now 77 but even as a little boy he would sleep walk and have bad drams / He would dread going to bed . Hr still dreams and also ahllucinate . Doesnt jump out of bed as much as he used to MORE DIFFICULT WITH THE PARKINSONS