It’s 414 am , I’ve been awake for 22 hrs . If I wanted to stay awake for some strange reason ide find this impossible, my gp prescribes me zopliclone very sparingly about 14 every 4/5 months, which I find a bit daft given all the meds I take and only if I really have to I took a clonazepam what my dbs specialist prescribed to no effect. My balance is all over the place and im off when i should be on and on , on average 1 out three hours?, have to wait to see my dbs specialist hopefully next week when she’s back in work… this Sleep problem has been with me for around 5 out of the 7 yrs I’ve had pd , im 55 yrs old… it’s getting my down . Apologies to sound like a miserable so and so… any advice anyone please. Mike.

I had to give up all caffeine for medical reasons. I was astounded by the effect on my sleep. I was only supposed to avoid caffeine for 6 weeks, but the benefits are so great I’ll never go back.

If you have caffinated tea, coffee, cola etc it might be worth trying to abstain completely for a couple of months.


Mirtazapine and melatonin worked for me.

Hi smudged.s

Like you I find it hard to sleep all night, it’s 1am and as usual I awake and drinking tea down stairs. I find it very hard to stay in bed when I am awake I end up shaking by self to bits and have to get up so as not to disturb her, she is quite unwell her self. She had a stroke 8 years ago and is quite disabled at the best of times. I am having very vivid dreams at the moment which does not help.
The only way I deal with it is by getting up have a drink look at my iPad newspaper when I get over tired I go back to bed and drift of to sleep usually for 3 to 4 hours.
The only way I can do this most nights is by catching up on sleep through the day. Nots like I have to go to work the next day.
PS as for the the miserable old sound so sorry but that’s a downside to this wonderful PD. Chin up and sober on.

Best wishes Davesan

thanks for the advice lemon ,i have 4 strong coffees perday a 1 tea on average, ill have to switch to decafe

snowy itake meletonin , but that doesnt seem to affect me ive tried mirtazapine , that helped but started to wear off , i upped the dose then got advised to stop . all the best, Thankyou

Davesan, that what i do ,i try to stay awake untill 11pm , then i go off to sleep but am wide awake an hour later…yes your right chin up and do our best… its still a pain though . onwards and upwards :

I’d suggest cutting out the caffeine. I drink a max of 2 cups of tea per day and not after 130pm.

Other things you can try: camomile tea (& valerian) before bed, magnesium glycinate. I also have a Mindfulness meditation app.

Thankyou snowy,ive done or am doing all them things, ill find a way .