lolHi to anyone out there sorry I've not posted in a long time there seemed little response (sorry feeling sorry for myself) , so in a way I'm a sort of newbie?. Sstanding here at 09.10 not slept legs kicking around like demented stilts (nearly kicked my wife through the ceilingidea thought i had better get up before she looks for my life assurance again ( i love her with all my heart). took the additional half sinemet as advised the vodka worked better!!!!!!!.So again hello to anybody out there Regards

Hi Giles, sorry if you've had few people replying to your posts. Sometimes a post just says it all!

But a belated hello to yours, and i hope you've managed some sleep in the last seven hours. me, i'm sitting at my desk yawning my head off. Sooo tired - it's 4pm what does it for me.

Keep posting, and I'm sure you'll get replies.

Very best



Hi Giles,
I don't post that often these days either,I guess we all go through phases ?
I used to have problems sleeping, and was often up & about by 3-4 a.m. But since I have been taking Madopar 125mg Slow Release meds last thing before bed, I have had a much better sleep experience and often sleep in to 8 or 9 a.m.
Occasionally however I get a tremor perhaps at around 6 or 7 a.m. But this may be an 'essential tremor' not related to Parkinsons.
Don't know if they do a slow release of your meds, but it's worth checking I think?


Hi Giles


i was prescribed 10mg Amitriptyline at night and it s helped a lot with sleeping . We need a good night s sleep to cope with the day. Sure you ll find an answer which works for you.

best wishes


Being awake half the night when everyone else is asleep is a nightmare ... I spend my days yawning and my nights not knowing what to do with myself! I have been on madopar 125 cr since Christmas and now if I wake up take an additional dose. Generally I wake up because of legs kicking, vivid dreams, neck, arm, shoulder pain, suffer with rigidness not tremour. I was previously pre any meds like a mannequin thankfully meds are working well - most of the time! Maybe chat to your consultant about options to assist things. I take my second dose around 2am which has become a pattern of waking read kindle for a while and the normally manage to dose off once my muscles have relaxed. Good luck xx ps believe me there will always be someone on her to chat 24 hours a day xx

hi semele, mike700,samdog and watermelon thank you for replies sorry slow response been ill for a few weeks i also have crohns disease which flared up, on the move now slowly, sleepwalkingbig grin.

i have a question for all received a message from my gp practise  yesterday, that they are changing supplier of my ropinrole 8 & 2 mg xl tablets to repinex 8 & 2 mg xl, having, speaking to my gp he say`s they are no different to ropinrole, my question is has anyone used these tablets and had any different affects.

many thanks confused


Husband sorted out kicking problems very quickly, we bought single beds!

Doctor asked me if I had any problems with sleeping to which I replied with an absolute no.   Oh how I wished it hadn't happened.    I'm taking sleeping pills but I've still been awake lately 12..30pm - 1.30- 2.30 - 3.30a.m. and always needing the loo which is a right 'pain in the butt'.  My legs don't always work so well and I hate having to wake hubby especially with difficulty getting back into bed.  

I do try to distract myself by listening to audio books and many a time fallen asleep missing the whole story.

All the best for now


Hi Casie,

I'm intrigued by your reference to single beds, my wife & I have considereed this option. We have a double at present but I feel very aware that I am disturbing her with my tremour especially after I go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, don't go back to sleep immediately & lie there shaking, not kicking, just the constant temour.

Did you really deal with the problem by using single beds?


Chris Ray



Hi Chris (is Ray part of your surname or your first name)

You can buy two x 2'6" beds that are built in together but we preferred two separate 3' beds and just put them side by side.  Of course, they had to have electric remote to put the back up as well as the foot end and my bed had to have the massager.  They lasted about 12 years before bits went wrong but we are still using them. Dreams had an offer on at the time - 2 beds for the price of one.  We didn't have any problems about sleeping in seperate beds but I'll leave that to your imagination.  One very small problem.  The mattress is 6' 3" long so you would have to look for sheets to fit.  We bought two 3'3"  duvets - cosy - no need to pull the duvet away from your partner.

Hope this is helpful

Best wishes



 I cant sleep in the same room as my wife as the noise I make when in  the grip of night terrors used to frighten her, I BOUGHT A adjustable single bed with a memory foam mattress which partially cured my restlessnessesseness but as per, the memory foam seems to have forgotten me.

                                          Regards FED

My husband snores so loudly that i have to tell him to shut up which he does but then he goes so quiet that Ican't hear him breathe so I get worried about that!!  I sometimes wake myself up with the noise I make.

The trouble with the memory foam is that,  yes, it takes your shape and it's comfortable but I can't get out of the bed. I was given Clonazepam 500mirograms 1 at night to help not remember the nightmares.  It usually helps, added with Zolpidem10mgs but I was really freaked last week when I woke up thinking I was dying because my throat was completely stuffed up with gunge and I couldn't get  rid of it.

I've Just remembered, it's time I started getting ready for bed.  Why can't I forget to go to work in the morning.  I'm not being disrespectful.  If I don't ;laugh  I'lll cry.


Hi Giles

In reply to your question about Ropinirole and Repinex, I am not sure about that combination, but I was started on Requip XL then it was changed to Ropinirole XL and was told there was no difference in the two, only the name obviously.They were right I didn't find any difference, I think they were only a different supplier.

Regards Sheffy


     Hello Giles, you have my sympathy I have a long longlonglonglonglong, list ofenemiesofthesleep, sorry Giles I am being very silly, my wife behaves like a strict headmasteress ?? and scolds me if my grammama is not spot on, she is rite of  cawse,hand eye will beehive., she is in the shower with her favourite plummbererer at the moment, he is indecently handsome, 27 ,its his birthday next week and she has bougt him a large bottle of ARAMIS, AND I must say this p?????sses me off ever so slightly, oh when I SAID IN THE SHOWER I MEANT THE SHOWER ROOM or wet room if you prefer , I allow her to flirt with guys, but if I try to flirt with her she tells me to behave and act my age, as I said it does annoy me , however I dont say a word as almost without fail when Andrew the Plumbist has worked his magic on her plumeeen, and leaves, she turns her attention to me , good eh  the cheeky big heaeded rich  handsome BA?????DDDD even said to me if I cant manage her to give him a call and he will service her for me, so what do yyou make of that Giles, what a T??T eh , I wouldnt have him in my home the cheeky git, but the trouble is he is a first rate craftsman, and he is the cheapest by far in our area of Northumberland. Oh dear, I am  so sorry Giles, you have been the unfortunate victim of  (the wanderer), thats me FEDEXLIKE the wanderer I start with good intentions and wander off into the very strange canyons and valleys of my mind, please accept my appologies. With regard to your night time sleeping difficulties, my truly excellent  not to mention very lovely to lok at or loook at if you prefer ,Nurse Consultant, visited my home last week and brought with her some pills called CIRCADIN2mg, I am always relctant  oh bugger  RELUCTANT to add to the3/4s of a ton of medicines I load my system with, but this seems to be working, thats a bit of a exageration by the way, the drugs I mean, its only 1/4 of a  ton, sorry yes I know Im  wandering I have a big wooden mallet, it belonged to my Dad,no longer with us, and I miss him, and I WILL HIT MY  THUMB WITH IT whenever I GO OFF TRACK  onward and upward Giles, the new drug has settled my sleep patterns and Im not tossing and turning, but the biggest benefit is they I am touching our nice brand new solid oak telephone table as I SAY THIS, ok are you ready for this Giles, steady, steady,,NO DREAMS ! NO DREAMS, ha ha hoo hoo yes SIR GILES NO DREAMS its ok my frtend or even friend, and even the tiny intrusions that do try to takeover are banished, and I dont even remember them, my lovely wife has just told me to stop corrupting you, she oftensive at times but I let her away with it cos she is very easy on the eye and other fridge  benefits, no thats fringe benefits.

                                                   you can mention this drug to your pd team, it may work 4UALLLSEWaswell

                                        HAVE A GREAT DAY GILES or as it sounds rather posh SIR GILES

Hi all,

Sleep problems affect us all I have to take sleeping tablets and i still only manage 6hrs per night yawning now as I type if I do not take tabs then I am lucky to get 2hrs. I have tryed all the general drugs like what's been mention above they just dont work for me. 19.5 pills a day not a lot compared to some I'm sure but more than enough for me.


BB x 

HI everyone


I also do the night shift most nights. Our rermedy was to buy an adjustable bed with separate mattresses and hubby says he doesn't feel me wriggling and tossing trying to turn over. He doesn't even hear the motor whirring when I adjust the bed. I find  raising my legs helps the tremor at night. What does disturb him is the noise I make when I start dreaming as I shout and thrash about. He never knows whether to wake me or not as if he does I might not get back to sleep. If I take amitriptyline and clonazepam at night I do get some sleep but still wake up around 12.30, 2 am amd between 4 and 5. I usually get  up at 6.00am but once in a while I get comfy and don't wake until8am. I try to avoid going to the loo at night as it involves putting bedside light on and manoeuvering my walker around the bed and a walk across the landing and I don 't like waking him to help me as I can do it. He needs his sleep as he has enough to put up with during the day. I used to love a lie in at  the weekend but those days are gone never to return.