Sleeping medication

everyone can experence sleep problems,stress from every day life,workin to hard problems at home stressing you the list can go on.the easistthing to do is pop a pill and off you go to the land of nod,but some times it ant as easy as can buy sleeping meds over the counter,with your pharmaists advice,which is very important,as you may have have other medical problems like heart,and there certain sleep meds that can not be takern.the best thing is to see your gp,and have erm prescribed to you.there is another option herbal sleeping pills,can be bought from holland and barratt,such as meiatonin they are sold in a capsule forum.but which ever way you do it,get the advice,and they can be addictive,so only givern on short term could try relaxing more,change your diet,change your daily routine,reduce noise in the home,were a eye mask at nite to keep out the lite,or even play some soothin music to relax your mood.lack of sleep can cause mood changes,make you irritable bite peoples heads off for no reason.evern your speech can become slower and emoutions is recomended we have between six and ten hours of sleep aday. a week ago when i was attacked it screwed me sleep up complettley,i be lucky if i got a hour and a half anite,i would even wake with in that hour in a sweat and cryin with vivid dreams of the situation i had been in.some gp put me onzimovane sleep meds,one at nite just before i go to bed,and also 3 amitriptyline which is a andepressent,but makes you drozzy to and relaxes your body durin the nite.i was only givin a few of the sleep med to see how i got on,cus i wonted to try sleep naturally so i not relie on the meds.last nite it was reduced to half a tablet,cus i had been sleeping forom nine pm to 5 pm,gettin a good kip in.but on half last nite i woke 2 times,with the bad dreams,so looks like im not ready to have erm reduced,im goin back to see gp today before the weekend to get me self sored out,ive already tried the natural way,but cus of the situation why i was not sleepin,natural way not work for me.only prob with sleeping pills is they make me doppy ,groggy durin the day,which is a bummer,i hates feeling this way,but in time i no my gp will find the correct thing for me and the nasty dreams will disapear.there is side effects which come with sleep pills,which is drozzyness,dry mouth and a aky taste in your mouth a rash ,feeling sick,headaches.but you get side effects with lots of other medecations as your aware of,but we all differnt and they mite not happin to you.