Hi everyone, I joined the forum to get some tips for my Mum, who’s been living with Parkinson’s for a decade or so. She’s been having trouble with her sleep, but especially finding it difficult to get into, and out of, bed. I’m wondering whether folks might have tips on sleeping positions and aids to move in and out of bed? I’ve read about satin sheets for example… Looking forward to passing on the wisdom to my Mum! Thanks in advance everyone.

Hi DriMarie,
Hello and welcome to our forum community. Parkinsons can certainly cause various difficulties with regards to sleep. You’re sure to get some great suggestions from our forum members soon. In the meantime we found this booklet in our shop that may be of some help. Please also feel free to peruse the website at, using the handy search bar in the upper right corner. We also have a staff of knowledgeable and friendly advisers at our free and confidential helpline at 0808 800 0303 who would be happy to offer some suggestions.
Best wishes to you and your mum, and again, welcome.
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Hi, I have a frame which sits under the mattress and is oblong in shape with several hand holds which I use to not only assist me getting in to and out of bed safely but also turning over during the night. Some local authorities or primary care trust , do provide these for free, others charge for them or you can buy them from local mobility shops or on line shopping sites like Amazon.
If you use Amazon, switch to Amazon Smile, who on qualifying products pay a small amount to your nominated charity. All small amounts from all who have shopped using Amazon Smile and have nominated Parkinson’s Disease Society of the United Kingdom (the full charity name for PUK) add up and are paid quarterly I think to PUK.
I hope you find this of help, John :sunglasses:

Forget to say I sleep on my side and I use a neck pillow and a heart shaped knee cushion which I find helpful. I also use a weighted blanket which my wife tells me, helps cuts down the ammount of jiggling about in my sleep I use to do which was causing her to have disturbed sleep. Best wishes John :sunglasses: