Sleeping problems

Hi, my husband has just been prescribed Melatonin, taking one tablet 1 - 2 hours before going to bed. Has anyone any experience of this medication?

Hello FranH, my husband was prescribed Melatonin earlier this year. It didn’t do a lot for his nocturnal restlessness to be honest. It helped him to get to sleep a bit better but he was still waking up in the night and then finding it difficult to get back to sleep. His consultant has now prescribed clonazapam at night. This has made a big difference and he sleeps much better and without the restlessness. Obviously he still wakes up if he needs the loo, but can quickly get back to sleep. It’s made a big difference to both our quality of sleep and life thank goodness! I hope the Melatonin helps. If not there are other meds that can be prescribed. Best wishes, Jean

Thank you for that. Early days with the Melatonin but will try the clonazapam, GP permitting,

Hello. I have been taking Clonazapam for many years and periodically Melatonin. For me they gave some relief. But sorry to be negative but I have continued with poor sleep and have now resigned myself to this PD issue.

Medics in my experience have no other drug options.

Again for me keeping stress free as possible and an afternoon sleep are the best .

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My husband does not sleep well at all, and like you, we’re resigned to just living with it and accept it as part of life.
He gets up at least four times every night, he just can’t sleep.
His Consultant will not give him anything to help with sleep, as it may increase his risk of a fall.
I did try him with just one “over the counter” sleeping tablet, that just made him confused.
He falls asleep frequently throughout the day, that’s life now.

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Hi my husband has recently been prescribed this to help his sleep pattern as he’s up at night & sleeping in the day. He’s sleeping better but still needs to get up for toilet 3/4 times. He does go back to bed each visit now though. So an improvement :+1:

Hi I feel for you as I have the same problem with my husband. Sleep deprivation is so difficult to live with. He sleeps through the day but I can’t. He’s now on melanonin which has helped a little & he sleeps in another room now. So I feel I cope better. I hear him but he manages on his own & calls if he needs help. Your not alone

I felt I got used to it and gave up on it. Though, great sleep is guaranteed.