Hubby was dx 5 years ago but has always had troubie with REM slerp disorder. At point of diagnosis, our youngest was incredibly poor at sleeping and so it didnt bother me, but now… wow!!!
If he isn’t awake, he’s screaming and if he isn’t screaming his tremor is so bad the bed shakes. If he tries to cuddle me he scratches me to bits with his tremor.
I’m so tired it’s stupid. He’s on meds to supposedly help - to little impact. I don’t want a separate room as I already feel we are drifting apart but really don’t know what to do.

Hi @10kmk,

Unfortunately, sleep problems are common for people with Parkinson’s and I’m sorry to hear that this is affecting the intimacy in your relationship. I would advise your husband to consult with his GP or Parkinson’s nurse again as they may need to review his medication if his tremor appears to be getting worse.

Again, sleep issues are very common which is why we have an entire section on our website dedicated to it with some practical tips and apps that may be able to help. You can find this information here -

There are also some very useful contacts on the page above for more support on this so do take the time to explore it.

Best wishes,

I’m certainly not an expert on this problem but would just like to mention that, if he starts screaming at the same time every night, it might be worth waking him before he starts

My husband was the same and he as medication for bed time to stop it from happening, and with the odd night, we get more good nights. Definitely speak to ur nurse thats what we did. Good luck.
Dawn x

Thanks. He is on meds to help but they do little good. Pd nurse doesnt want to talk to me and so that option is out.

His screaming is irregular and once he wakes he won’t sleep again. It’s such a minefield

something wrong with meds push to see your neuro and refuse to be ignored !!!

I hope this is being sorted for you as a matter of urgency