Hello everyone, My wife who has PD sleeps for a good 20 hours a day, she has given up on exercise and only wakes up for food or toilet.
i feel that we are drifting apart, this is difficult to accept after 50 years of marriage, I am becoming more resentful and angry, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Nala Welcome to our forum keep posting as we all help each other Hang on in there, I have had PD since 2010 and I go the other way. I go to bed around 10-00 pm but most nights I wake up around 12 30 or 1-00 I then lay wide awake for about 1 hour trying to sleep in the end. Then sometimes I will crash out and won’t surface for a day or so. We have now been married 58 years at the time of the wedding we did say in sickness and in health? What that man who married you did not mention was “Parkinson’s” and how it would effect your life,

Hi Nala,

I do understand what you are going through, and of course you would feel as if you “are drifting apart” as you basically are, as you only ‘see her’ a few hours a day.
Your anger is understandable.
I am sorry I really don’t know what to say or do.
Has your wife been for PD counselling as to what she can do to ameliorate the situation?