iuse to have to have a kip in the afternoon for and hour or so but the past week inot been able too,im waking up at 4am and staying awake till about 10.30 i go to sleep then for abot 3 to 4 hours and up and down all nite,ino im stressed at the momment ,but can this be why ,ive also come down 1 tab of mirexpon ,was on 5 now on 4 could this be the reason ,anyone got any ideas,cus im really tired me eyes r stinging but when i shut erm it dont happin.:disappointed:
Ali j ,
I noticed thet you started off the seing things thread ,perhaps there is a link between that and sleeping problems , personally i feel quite nervous when i go to bed and cant sleep like yourself .
Im constantly peering at the doorway looking at the dark shadows.
It seems to be getting slowly worse as time goes on .

when I was on mirapexin I went days without sleep,often really having cat naps.I was a walking wreck at times,felt I was being followed,also saw things that were not there.sometimes a hand would appear near me.I was very jumpy,even a leaf could make me jump.I feel it was a mixture of meds and lack of sleep.
My neuro on Tuesday told me that I could expect sleep problems. One day i can wake up at 2am come downstairs and not go asleep again until 12.30am next day. Then I might sleep for 14 hours not waking at all. My hubby gets really worried because when that happens he says that it is impossible to wake me and I look as if I am in a coma. I only wake when my body seems ready to. This is such a strange condition!!