I am worried as when I do sleep I keep my partner awake with screaming, shouting and talking through out the night.  Is this normal?  Is it Parkinson's or a side effect of the drugs I'm taking which are Sinemet, Requip and Entacpone.  Any ideas?



I have PD and I do have weird dreams, but not very often, however my Auntie has PD and she shouts out, screams and is constantly falling out of bed, she used to take a lot of tablets for the PD but she is now off all of them as she had an operation where they put electrodes on her brain, however she still dreams.

It is more than likely your meds, but it is best to have a chat with your GP.

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I had them long before i was aware or diagnosed or on any Meds, we are living with a illness if it was all to do with meds i would simply stop taking meds, they are generally called vivid dreams or vivid violent dreams and are a feature of Parkinsons. there are supposedly things you can take to stop the dreams clonazepam and rivastigmine but think very wisely before doing so.


My husband has this problem..the neuro told us it is often part of the Parkinsons symptoms.

Normally a person is paralysed when dreaming but this process stops in PWP and they act out dreams.

He prescribed Clonazepam but it made my husband very drowsy the next day So he stopped it.

We now sleep in separate bedrooms.

He knows nothing of the threshing around, punching and shouting and now I don't either!

Problem solved!


Poor man lol



I had many problems similar before i started using a CPAC machine for sleep apnea.Now I hardly even need to get up for bathroom duties.I still wake with some anxiety as machine needs a update.Im going to try the top of line machine as it seems to work on PWP better.I also as last resorttakea sinemet when I wakeup,always back to me pleasant dreams,LOL

Have a Happy 4th of July



hi I also suffer with the problem of thrashing around screaming and talking while asleep ,This is keeping my husband awake all night and is really starting to get to him.I talked to my Parkinsons specialist about this and he said the only way to stop it is sleeping tablets which he does not want to give me and I dont want to take. does anyone have a solution that helps .the only thing I can think of is maybe meditation before bed ,to relax the mind .I shall try this and get back onto the forum if it works .Fingers crossed


My wife use to talk in her sleep shout out loud and lash out at me before being diagnosed with Parkinsons. She now just talks and shouts in her sleep and as before doesn't remember a thing.So its not the drugs !!!



       Pins and needles.......Does anyone suffer with pins and needles or a tingling sensation in your mouth and on your tongue ? My wife has had this for a long time and sometimes drives her mad.



I know ropinerole has a side effect of vivid dreaming where you can act out the dreams.  not sure about other pd meds though. not very nice to have to deal with for either partner.  Hope you find a solution soon.

I take ropinirole and don't have vivid dreams. In fact I barely dream at all. I do get dry mouth especially at night!


Side effects do not effect everyone, and of course depends on the dose. I have a dry mouth though, so get prescription toothpaste, as saliva less hence risk of tooth decay,  More stuff for the bathroom cabinet, 


I have been sleeping very badly for years.  I was diagnosed with REM behaviour disorder. My poor long suffering wife has had the bruises to prove it!  I was prescribed Clonazepam by my consultant, for me it has really helped me getting a restful night and my wife sleeping without the fear that I would kick off.  I know there are downsides to prolonged use of Clonazepam, for me though, it is a price I am willing to pay.

Dry mouth gp prescribed gel mouthspray by Bioxtra

Thx gus. Think I need this.



HI all,

My sleeping has been terrible. Have only been getting about 3hrs a night.

saw my GP yesterday who prescibed  zimovane took one last night at 10 and woke up 4 30 so better than i had been doing.Anyone Else tried this med?

Best wishes xx


Reguarding my wife's mouth discomfort GP thinks its Burning mouth syndrome !!



Pleased you have some meds to improve sleep.  Sorry you had to give up work but considering your health issues you have done really well to keep going for so long.  hope you ok x


Thanks teehee

Hope this finds you well.

Ive got a Lot of desicions to make.

take Care Xx