Sleeplessness at night

Hi, Cowboy101 here,
My wife`s been having nights recently when she has hardly been able to sleep at all. During the day, however, she has ,sometimes, been sleeping, only too well. This seems to have become more of a problem since her dose of Requip was upped from 2mg three times a day to 3mg three times a day. She`s worried, too, that the length of time from her last dose in the evening, 8:30p.m. - 9:00p.m. `til her first morning dose 8:a.m. - 8:30a.m. may be too long, does anyone know if sone x.l. tablets might be some of the answer? Anyway, I don`t want to put words in anyone`s mouth as I would be interested in your own answers.
When I woke this morning at 7a.m., she`d been up since 4a.m. and sitting in our front room with the dog! The dog was quite happy with the situation, but I wasn`t and nor is she!
Anyway, Best Regards and Best Wishes to Everyone Cowboy101.
Hello cowboy 101

Sleeplessness is very common, especially with some of the DA drugs. I take 8mg ropinirole slow release in one tablet every morning. I sleep for about 2/3 hours in one stretch, then I am wakeful and have to catch up on sleep later.I sometimes have 2 short sleeps at night then a siesta at sometime in the day. Everyone seems to find their own way of dealing with it. Everything about Parky is very individual, the really important thing is not to get too anxious about it.
Hello Cowboy 101,

Sleep disturbances are very commonn in PWP,and seem to be very difficult to resolve. Like your wife, I found that Requip seemed to be the culprit . I was if I remember correctly, taking 3mg x 3/daily and was frequently awake all night. Consequently I did not fuction well during the day. I did not however have daytime sleepiness or sudden involuntary episodes of daytime sleep.

It was suggested that I change to Requip XL 8mg at night to gradually increase to 12mg XL and then 16 mg XL at night. It was hoped that this would promote night time sleep. Unfortunately I could not tolerate this doseage ( I simply vomited throughout the next day). The doseage of Requip has been reduced and Levoodopa drugs introduced. I average about 2- 3 hours sleep /night..

Your wife may well benefit from a change to the XL version - as is often said - we are all different in the way PD manifests itself and in our response to medications.

I have recently been prescribed a low dose of Diazepam as a muscle relaxant to help with dystonia. Although a sedative, it does does not seem to have any "knock out" effect on ME. But this or a similar medication may be of help to your wife.

May I suggest that if sleep disturbances are becoming a problem for your wife, that she asks her consultant/GP/ PD nurse re the possibiblity of sleep medication being being prescribed? There may well be a reason for this not to be appropriate, but one can but ask.

Best wishes

PS My dog Rupert is is also quite happy with my sleep petterns
Mosie got there first - but is absolutely correct. The worst way of dealing with sleep problems is to worry about them
i need to get a dog.
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I think it was 4 o' clock this morning when I got up. I tried to stay in bed but I couldn't. Something compels me to start the nightmare journey around the house. I have started having bladder problems and would probably sit on the loo all day - if it was comfortable! I blame meds for everything! I take ropinirole xl and stalevo with a sinemet cr at night.
I want to write more but can't at the moment! PD has set in!