Hi, just before I was recently diagnosed I had signed up with Sleepstation (free for Civil Servants) for CBT for insomnia, a six week course of treatment to deal with my poor sleep which I had attributed to depression resulting from work related stress, but now recognise is part of the whole complex interrelationships of Parkinson’s symptoms. I have put the programme on hold now that I have had the Parkinson’s diagnosis.
I was wondering if anyone else has used Sleepstation to overcome PD related sleep issues and how it works in conjunction with medication (I have been prescribed Madopar).

have not, but I use valerian root to help me sleep when I need it, works well

I don’t have parkinsons, but I am a carer. I used to use valarian root to help me sleep years ago but at that time there I could only get the root loose in Culpepers and it was a bit hit and miss as to how much to use so I stopped. Now however there are tea bags available which I presume will be a proper measured amount. It did work before, just sometimes too well so having a measured amount would be good and certainly worth a try.