Slow release half senemet

Hello, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s last year and am taking Senemet 125mg x 6tabs daily.

Hi @nilorcan

Welcome to the forum, I am sure the Parkinson’s community will reply to you very soon to share experiences. You can also contact our helpline on 0808 800 0303/email: [email protected] and they will be able to provide information and put you in touch with your local adviser who will introduce local services as required.

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Sue - moderation team

Thank you for acknowledging me Sue. I’m having difficulty with the site and lost it before I had finished my post. I wanted to know if anyone had used half Senemet and what their experience has been.

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I’m on Half Sinemet CR, but I’m sad to say it has had no beneficial effect on my condition, despite my first consultant saying ‘I’d notice the benefits of taking it straight away’

But we all react differently to different medication, and I hope it works for you.

I’m on a combination of Sinemet Plus and Half Sinemet CR which I take between the Sinemet Plus tablets to smooth out the on/off periods. It works well for me used in this way.