Slow release Madapor

Hi my consultant, after a phone conversation/appointment, prescribed slow release madopar at bedtime as he felt there was too much time between my last madopar 7.30pm and 7 .30am however i found this had to opposite affect and was wondering does anyone have an advice on best time to take slow release. I take 4 madopar 125/50 per day but find these are wearing of quicker. Thanks in advance.

My mother was commenced on slow release at bedtime and it did not agree with her at all. It disturbed her sleep and every morning she was semi lucid and in a terrible state. It took her all day to return to some normality. We persisted for a couple of weeks but it did not improve so she is now back to her Madopar 3 x daily but we increased her dose. she is currently on 200mg 3 x daily and an additional evening dose if she is staying up late. I was wondering about trialing the slow release during the daytime when the wearing off of the normal tablets becomes more severe rather than using it as a night time medicine. I would be interested to see if anyone had experience with this and how effective it was.

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I had the same experience when taking skiw release madopar at bed time. Persevered for 4 weeks and gave up. I too was wondering if taking slow release during the day would work.
Would be interested in hearing other experiences