Smart Phone Symptom Tracker

Does anyone use technology to track symptoms, treatments, responses and anything else.

Would love to hear from anyone that does, and what they use, or anyone that would "if it could track/log this" - if there's not one out there, perhaps there should be.

Theres something in the news called I think a "Kinetigraph"  made by Global Kinetics .

Sounds a good idea,  we dont measure our symptoms and the efeects of drugs /therapies very scientifically


ANDY (Ojalahey)

I know someone who writes apps, and I'd like something to track symptoms and meds (when I start taking them) so I have some objective information to give when asked.

I'll use this thread to gather information/requirements of what would be useful and then if within my resources, will fund its development.

Please add as you see fit..

Date/time auto filled from device, but amendable so you can retrospectively input)
When the symptom(s) started
Body part selector (where the pain is)
How long the symptom(s) lasted, and changed
Sleep pattern (possibly add dream recorder)
Energy level
Stress level
Exercise (and proximity to, and intensity e.g. RPE or HRMax so 1hr HRMax 1hr ago)
Medication taken (and maybe reminders to enter "updates" following medication ... hourly?/as configured?)
Toilet visits

Then random thoughts about what to record if you have any sort of connected gadgetary …
Blood pressure (if you have some gadget to measure it)
Pulse (ditto re gadget)
Respiratory rate (ditto re gadget)

General notes - to add as future discussion with GP/Neurologist

There is an app called Parkinson's Disease Photo link:
Here's some of the data that can be exported Yes it's my data but only a drop in the ocean as I've just started using the app and thr data in the export is in my profile or posts anyway

Excellent ... I'll get looking (and playing)