Smart phone

Time to replace my ancient mobile. I think a smart phone of some kind would be very useful. I'm familiar with Windows 8, as I have it on my laptop, but I use it with a mouse, not touch screen. My tremor varies from minor (not very often) to bad.
I know that's not too helpful but it's very difficult to describe or to predict - as you'll no doubt understand.
Incidentally, I tried Windows 8 voice recognition recently, but have to admit that I gave up on it after a couple of hours. I did find the headset helpful though. I don't have a problem with the technology - I've been using email since 1995 - it's the specific application for PsWP that I'm interested in.
Any ideas would be much appreciated.
If my post sounds a bit confused, please ignore the last bit. I'm just looking for advice about a smart phone, and I'm used to Windows 8, so that might be helpful.
Hi trev,
There was a recent thread about just this topic. Maybe you can find some helpful tips there:

Have a good weekend,
Thanks Ezinda. It's all there. Should have searched. I blame the PD!
Have a good weekend