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I currently use a 12 year old Nokia and using just my right hand am able to phone and text using the buttons. It's time for a change. Trying to use a borrowed smart phone, I was unable to hold it still enough with my left hand and my thumb was too big to use the touchpad accurately enough if I held it in my right hand. It isn't always possible to put the phone down on something. Has anyone any suggestions?
Hi I have just got an iPhone and it s more difficult to use than my old Nokia. Have you tried using it landscape rather than portrait. I also have an iPad which I use with a stylus. I've found the stylus very useful for tapping the iPhone. It depends exactly how your tremor affects you. The youngsters all text in landscape with both thumbs at breakneck speed!
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Hi Sable,
We have a stylus in our shop for use with smartphones. You can find these here:

Hope it helps.

After 7 BlackBerry's on the trot, I have just got me an iPhone with 750 mb data p.m. Built in to the rental

I think it is great, e- mail and Internet anywhere, but I also have an iPad so I guess I am used to Apple kit.

I use a stylus on both and it makes things so much easier ,and what I have found is that the full size stylus is better than the mini version.

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I use a Samsung Note 2. I chose it because the "keyboard" is so large that I can't miss the letters/numbers even when I choose to operate it without the stylus that comes with it - tremor or no tremor. The drawback is it has a very large screen thus making the phone a touch bigger than the iphone or the galaxies.
Hi I got the the same problem. I recently wet water washed my mobile and acquired a handmedown from my brother. I am right fat fingered but because of Mr P I use my left. My new old mobile, a HTC, has the control buttons in place for my left thumb, which keeps me happy. What I think I'm saying is test drive before you buy because aside from the touch screen the button set ups can be different handed.

I've been experimenting setting up the Voice commands to do most things on my LG-P990.

Seems to work quite well so far.

Anyone else tried Voice commands on their phone or PC ?
Thank you for all your suggestions. I feel energised to go back to the shop and try some things out.
re phone

Age UK have a phone which doesnt have the numbered and alphabetical Key pads, you can have 4, 6, or 8 touch pads, you determine who you want as contacts eg daughter, wife, GP, 999, the pads then have that wording on them and are programmmed with that persons number. All you do is then press the relevant pad for the person you want and you are connected, great as a form of security if you live alone and have a fall or are down the garden and get into difficulty.
I settled for a Galaxy Ace 2 and use a stylus which helps. The text can also be made larger which makes it easy to read. From what I see, it does most of what my son`s iphone does and it also has an excellent camera. Tesco online had them on offer, unlocked to any network.