Smell- Always goes before physical symptoms?

Hey, just wondering if many people discovered a change to their sense of smell after other symptoms had presented themselves? I've read about a lot of people who claim their sense of smell went well before they had physical symptoms. 
I wonder if that's the general experience of PWP?



My wife who has PD lost her sense of smell 20 years ago.
Parkinsons  symptoms started about 3 years ago

Hi Hughes

   For me I had symptoms associated with pd long before I noticed a change in sense of smell , my first noticeable one was a frozen shoulder and a stoop , that was five years before I was dx with pd, lost my sense just before dx.

   Live well. Cc


My sense of smell has not been affected. First symptom was my lovely fluid and legible handwriting which gradually became totally uncontrollable and illegible about 3 years before gait issues and eventual diagnosis. Can still draw and paint though, thank goodness, and cycle !  Now doing calligraphy class, thinking of letter shapes as drawings, works well as long as each letter is about 3 cm high . .. Not too useful for addressing envelopes . . .I'm an interesting challenge to my teacher . . .Lol



I still have my sense of smell.  I was diagnosed in 1999.


I found that my usual perfumes smelt foul and that was before dx. At the same time frozen shoulder which required surgery as jabs and physio made no difference. Twitchy thumb non swinging arm and rigiditity in arm and neck, heavy legs and trembly . This was around 2009 and DX wa not until feb 2013 !!!!!

Sense of smell improved a bit after starting meds but still some days things smell awful !!!!

Wow, it took that long to dx? That's disgraceful. You poor thing.