Smell the Roses

I woke up one morning and it didn’t feel like mine,
The limb I’d thought that I controlled was shaking all the time.
Eating breakfast in the hotel, I felt all eyes in the room were on me,
Probably nobody noticed, but I wondered what it could be.

My mind flew back to my childhood, to an old man who lived down the street,
He was Uncle Sid to everyone, was stooped and unsteady on his feet.
His body shook so badly, he couldn’t even stop to chat,
And I remember thinking at the time, ‘Please don’t let me get that.’

I put my thoughts to the back of my mind, they were silly thoughts anyway,
I was only thirty eight, he was seventy if he was a day.
But three years later I heard the words, ‘You have Parkinson’s Disease,’
And fell asleep that night praying, ‘Don’t let it be true God please.’

But in my heart I knew the words I’d heard that day were true,
My husband and I had two young sons, what were we to do?
I decided to keep it secret, we didn’t know what was to come,
And it was important to me that our boys wouldn’t be known as the kids with the Parkinson’s mum.

Without realising it at the time, that option I took made me stronger,
It meant that I just got on with my life and stayed medication free for longer.
And eighteen years after those first signs which i noticed at the breakfast table,
I will not give in, and i’m determined to do, as much as I am able.

My condition has encouraged me to have experiences I never would have had,
I have unearthed hidden talent, joined clubs, made friends, so is Parkinson’s really that bad?
The health scare I was given has made me appreciate all the more,
Many gifts that I possess I took for granted before.

It has made me cherish the small things in life, seeing things to which i was blind,
I never was creative or witty until P.D. blew my mind.
I have written poetry, short stories and I think it would be true
That I could give Blue Peter a run for their money, on ideas for using cardboard and glue.

If I had to choose my own chronic illness, it is the one that I would say,
It doesn’t kill, it is treatable and even a cure is not far away.
Research advances daily, it is always on the news,
Life isn’t necessarily better in someone else’s shoes.

I know it isn’t easy, there are times when I want to scream ‘WHY?’
And I admit that some days, after all this time, I still have a little cry.
But next time P.D. gets you down, try to smell the roses, just breathe in the air,
And remember there is someone who would rather be you, so live the best life you can, take what’s there
Beautiful. thank you
Thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot to me.
Silverlining: all I can say in response to your post is "Bravo/Brava"!! I just LOVE your inspiring attitude.

We need much, much more of this.
Thank you so much for sharing this. It's a beautiful piece of poetry. I can relate to so much of it. Most specifically being diagnosed this year at the age of 38. Thank you so much.
Thank you Lily, it is very kind of you to say

kf73 I wish you all the best at this difficult time. If I can say one thing to you it is please don't waste time thinking and worrying about what you will be like in 10,15 years time. It spoils today and does not change tomorrow. Take care.
Truly inspirational!
How wonderful, reading that has lifted my day, thank you!!
thank you for your poem that certainly put things in perspective for me, I'm in my seventies and only just been diagnosed.
What the heck have I got to moan about?

A great poem, i am 45 yrs old a mother of three young children, but i remain positive. Today I ran 7 miles, tomarrow the same. KEEP ON GOING.
If anyone is interested, there is an excellent book of poetry and art which is all about Parkinson's, written by two people who live with the condition. It is called Chapter and Illuminating Verse - Helping to throw light on Parkinson's Disease. It is available from Amazon and all the money goes to Parkinson's charities. Well worth a look!
Simply thanks after an awful day your poem has uplifted me
brilliant poem well done,i would love to hear more of yours:smile:
Thanks Sallymac. This is my first visit to this forum and `i have just introduced myself.

THank you for sharing with us your loverly poem.Stay positive All the best x