For a good number of years I have had little or no sense of smell. However over the last 6 months or so, I periodically smell strong smells which no one around me apparently smells. Has anyone else experienced this?


I'm newly diagnosed and have had a poor sense of smell for many years.   I too have started to experience strong smells occasionally.   The most common one seems to be the smell of gas.   My friends and family cannot smell anything - how random!


Hi Meri. 

Yes, I have smelt a gassy smell before too, and also a strong kind of burning smell. I had my husband checking it out the other night before bed. He could smell nothing. Strange. Hope you are managing ok with your recent diagnosis. Best wishes.



I have an often recurring, quite strong, sense of the smell of dirty washing up water. I can't really explain it better than that. The point is, I get it often and, as I said, it's a strong odour. Not nice at all.

keep well,



Hi, Banjo,

I wonder if these strange smells that no one else smells are a symptom of PD, something to do with meds, or just something that anyone can get.If you suffer from frequent bouts of smelling nasty smells, it's not nice for you, Banjo. Trouble is no one knows if the smell they are smelling at the time is real or not. Smelling gas could be a danger sign. Best wishes.


Hi ElliMac,

i am told it is actually a symptom of pd. 

I'm certain the smell is not real as my wife has a very acute sense of smell and has never detected it yet. My 'Phantom' odour is always exactly the same.



Could be PD, could be the meds - like most things. Mine's a musty sort of smell, maybe once every couple of months for a day or two.





Perhaps its like the phantom limbs of amputees, or the hallucinations some people get when their sight is declining - the brain trying to compensate for sensory deprivation.   Perhaps some people get nice smells.




Thanks for the kind wishes ElleMac, I'm coping well at the moment.  Friends and family all very supportive.  Typical we seem to mostly smell rather unpleasant phantom odours!


Thanks to all for feedback. Interesting. I was wondering if it was just me, so good to know there are others too out there.(Though not so good for you others of course). Trouble now is knowing which smell is for real and which is not.(when on my own). Still, it's a small problem in the scheme of things.

Best wishes to all.