I get similar problems when I smoke.  I only used to smoke up to 10 a day before I had PD (5 years next march) I 'enjoy' the occasional one but recently it makes me feel numb all over after just a couple of puffs.  If I get up and walk about, after some effort to get moving initially, I can walk it off after a couple of 'laps' around the inside of the house!    It sometimes requires a helping hand to pull me out of the chair!

Anyone else?



I used to smoke a pipe, then moved on to an electronic pipe that looks just like the real thing. I’m still vaping, because one of my chronic conditions is ulcerative colitis. There is no doubt medically that this condition flares up in people who stop smoking, it’s a well recorded phenomenon. Previously, when I’ve given up the weed, within a month or so I’m back on the steroids. 

Thats my excuse, anyway. It does sod all for  Parky symptoms, mind.

Hi Twinky

I've heard this connection many times over the years. I smoked myself up to 3.5 years ago and even though I believed it gave me relief by smoking 30 odd tailored or roll-ups cigarettes each day, I decided to capitulate to peer pressure (mainly my OH) and packed then in altogether. Coffee and Chocolate are also tagged with having beneficial properties that lessen PD symptoms. Coffee in assisting with movement and Chocolate producing Serotonin that helps with Dopermine production. I've been an avid user of all three (Diabetic) and even though I think they did have positive effects against my symptoms, I couldn't condone others to take them up as a treatment.

Pleased about the chocolate, although I think you have to eat the 80% dark chocolate, to get any benefit. Not the champagne truffles I enjoy scoffing!!


A Lady with expensive tastes indeed! wink