Probably opening up a can of worms here, but what do people think about smoking and PWP?

I seem to remember reading somewhere, that people who smoke are less likely to develop Parkinson's.



Another Parkinson's sufferer told me recently that when he saw a doctor in turkey(he's from there) the doctor told him smoking acts as a relaxant so therefore it was good for him, that prob is the nicotine itself within the tobacco, the other chemicals well we know the health & cancer implications of that, but, as a relaxant or a relaxant it prob is good. if you feel relaxed then symptoms are lesser with stress control at least or nerve endings.

doubtless you could get it from a patch, maybe a safer option?.

I smoked for years and I still got PD.sad face Maybe I never smoked enough!

I gave up about a year and a half ago but have an e-cigarette now - much nicer.


what do you find much nicer about it Tabbycat ?

is it a relaxant? flavours? health aspect?.

All those things!

There are dozens of flavours (although after trying several I've settled on Classic Tobacco!). There are different strengths too - I've found I like the mildest (0.6%)

You're inhaling vapour instead of smoke so it feels much cleaner and cooler than tobacco.

I can smoke indoors again instead of having to stand in the garden in all weathers!

Since I gave up smoking, I've had a couple cigarettes and, honestly, they were horrible. I much prefer vaping.


Studies which appear to show that smoking protects against Parkinson's disease are fundamentally flawed. Consider! (a) Smokers generally die younger from lung cancer and heart disease etc. (b) The onset of Parkinsons mostly occurs when a person is in his or her 60s. So it's not rocket science. Smokers tend not to get Parkinson's simply because they do not live long enough. 


i guess studies will always be flawed, because we already anything is in this world never is more profitable to show something as ineffectual, it perpetuates the bad, and we must have good and those supplying it. what is bad and what is good thats the .. perspective


Hi twinks 

total rubbish , I smoke and got parky age 55 this must be the first time I've heard it's good for something normally your treated like a Leper if you smoke or drink , drink doesn't bother me but I like a smoke wish it worked but there you go puff puff take care 

Ian xx

Hi twinks and every one 

I at the beginning of my PD was a smoker it took me a long time to find out but it got worse as when I got up my walking was good until I had my first fag then I thought I would not smoke until later in the day but no the result was the same as soon as I smoked my legs would cease up badly and it lasts for about 3hours before the legs will start to work. Anyone out there had this experience ? 


Hi Ian,

Sorry to hear about your 'smoking' legs, but pleased you can still drink! It's the other way round with me......smoking doesn't affect my PD, but I do have to be careful with alcohol. Our condition has a lot to answer for.......spoiling our fun! Oh well, off for my first ciggie of the day. All the best to you.


Aye aye twinks 

i bought a  vapour fag type thing today don't know how it will do ah well find out tomorrow at work ! Aw well bottoms up twinks ! Cheers 

Ian xx

smoking was a prob for me too , i could hardly move my legs , i am on vape now and i walk with a limp so it proves to me the crap in a ciggi does more damage than the nicotine, but thats just my story

Cheers biscuits 

just bought a vapour fag the day am hoping it will work bloody thing cost £50 but I have just started it am on Amber leaf med strength  washing it doon.we a can o lager o aye happy boy Ian all the best ma boy. You take care 



So what do you say to a non smoker was was diagnosed aged 47? Your assumption has no factual basis.

benji  ma. Boy 

dlna worry. Just be happy how are you keeping ??? Am like a power feeder riddle on a crusher plant ,God knows how work will be tomorrow but that's a wee bit away yet .so it's goodnight from north east Scotland calm  mind ha ha !!! Tooralooo

Ian ( no kisses). Ha ha !! 

Aye biscuits 

well that's day 2 vap seems a bit better than cigs how are keeping yourself these days ? Am having a job with the walking just now I see the PD nurse next Friday so hopefully get some new drugs  right ma boy catch you later 


hello ian,hope your still on vape, its much healthier if you want to keep smoking, i like a pint also but more than 2 makes my diskenisia get far worse

,aye aye biscuits 

good to hear from you , aye am still on the vap but I don't smoke it as often as I used to eat the fags at work  don't manage near as much beer now about 4pints now and I canna move hardly but still enjoy them though  . Even though I knew a fag would nacker up my walking I would still have one , work was the worst when I couldn't. Move all for a puff but were all adjusting how are you keeping yourself just now , am struggling.with the legs but can go the bike easy , hate big hills though bloody hard work !! Gona have a beer now a tin in the house cheers 


Hi twinks 

meant to ask what happens if you take alcohol other than getting drunk ?? 


I smoke a pipe - can almost feel it will kick my movement in instantly some times