Smoothie to help constipation

Hi I’m a partner of someone who had tongue & neck cancer 13 years ago then who was diagnosed with PD 8 years ago. The cancer has caused the oesophagus to shrink so eating and drinking are a challenge. I am making smoothies in the nutra bullet to ensure he gets a varied diet and also protein which he is unable to process normally, the radiation killed off his ability to produce saliva. He is suffering quite badly with painful constipation for days and we have noticed his medication is not effective during these times. He is also unable to drink much water as he chokes very easily. Can anyone suggest what is best to include in the smoothie to help with the constipation? He is still active but the pain is dragging him down. I have just ordered Bio-Kult that may help sort his but but would appreciate Kate smoothie content suggestions. TIA

Hi and a warm welcome to the forum, @Jet1. I’m sorry to hear about the challenges your partner is having now. I’m sure our helpful and friendly members will jump in with some ideas for you soon.

Meanwhile, you may find this article gives you some ideas. A dietitian can give you further advice, especially if constipation is a concern. Ask your GP, specialist or Parkinson’s nurse for a referral.

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Thank you Janice for your welcome and your response. I have found the article/articles very helpful and will be making use of the information. I am still curious as to what foods/supplements others have found of benefit when making the smoothies and if they have found protein powder of use?? Thanks once again for the reply x

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