Smovey Rings?


Has anyone any experience or opinions on “Smovey Rings”? I have had a good look at these, they sound good, but… at over £100 I need convincing. I have had to cut back on my exercise rotutine as I was getting more angina, maybe due to the recent hot weather. I was also finding that my balance was becoming more of a problem. I can swim fine, and do so at least once a week. But I need more ways of exercising, which is why I started to consider getting some of these “Smovey Rings”. Anyone got anything on these? Ta…


Yes, I got them a couple of months ago. If you use them 10 mins a day it helps with stiffness in the arms, shoulders. You get tapes to help you through and as you progress there are exercises to help with balance. I’ll be honest, I haven’t used them every day but incorporate them into other exercises. I find them good. Have a look on YouTube and see if the exercises will suit you.


Thankyou for the reply. I will be ordering these up soon, I think.