Hi everyone 

My mum was diagnosed about 2 years ago now with PD she is on medication (patches) she is 52 years old. Myself and my nanna (mum's mum) have noticed a difference in her, her concentration and memory, I have also noticed the pass few months she has been getting really snappy over stupid things like today while out shopping she was looking for a battery for the smoke alarm i said to her i don't no why it hasn't lasted long you only brought it while back she replied with we don't no how long it was in the box before we put it up i said its not the one it came with it was a new 1 from the shop she then went off on one and had a go at me for calling her a liar which i didn't, she brought a new one the same as the one just removed i said this to her she said will check it when get home we got it out the bin and it was the same her reaction then was well i didn't buy it. I'm finding it very hard to deal with her being like this as it use to take a lot to make her snap and now she just flips like a switch 

Does anyone have any advice please 

Yep, I do that too. Both to others and to myself and especially when I'm tired (when I also do a good line on insisting on doing *more* things). It's one of the beastlier aspects and I feel very ashamed.

I don't know whether it's the PD or the meds. The neuro didn't sound all that interested.

The advice i give myself a) Know this happens, even if you don't understand why. b) recognise when you're about to kick off and withdraw (easier said then done: it is indeed like flipping a switch).

The advice I give my oh is a) as above, b) acknowledge when it happens, but try not to pick a fight with me, c) understand that if I walk away it's to try to control myself.

Of course, this needs a grownup conversation between me and my oh - which we've been able to have, though others might find that hard.

Let us know how you get on.

yours in peace and harmony!