Had thought the weather was for rain and I am looking out my window and it’s snowing. Can’t believe this weather.
I have the dentist this morning and now don’t know if a taxi will son and neighbours had just cleared the paths a bit to enable us to walk and dug the cars out and woe and betide more… SNOW.

Just so fed up with this roll on summer?

Hi babswood

Hope you’re prepared for our summer … wonder which two weeks it’ll be this year?


Hi Hippy
You are so right.

We used to say if we had a bad winter we would have a good summer but who knows.
We usually get a couple of good weeks in May.

Here’s hoping I can buy new sunglasses this summer weather permitting.

Speak soon Babsx

Hi Everyone

Hope you have alll had a good week.

Well the weather is for more snow hopefully they are wrong. .

Well this week I’m struggling with my eyes and have another few weeks before
I get my BOTOX.
I think this must be the worst thing I’ve have had re parkinson.

Well all have a good time hope you all struggling on and of course smiling.

Be Happy Babs x x x

Hi babswood I can’t believe you have all these things thrown at you and you still come shining through, I really feel for you. It makes me feel that I am blessed that I only feel as I have minor problems compared to you and other PD sufferers.

Keep smiling through Barbara we are all with you in your struggle!

Sheila xx:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Thanks you Sheila for such a lovely reply.
I am really struggling just now with my eyes.hopefully be better soon
Just got to get on with things no matter how much is thrown at us.

Not as many people cum on here for a chat compared to the old site do you think or is it just me…

Thanks again Sheila I am so glad we did meet as nice to know who you speaking to. Did you get outfit for wedding.?

Hi Babs, you are right, not many come on here for a chat like the old site, perhaps they find it harder to get their heads around the new site. I agree with you it’s nice to put a face to the name, glad we met in York I can still visualise what you look like believe it or not. hope hubby is keeping well, such a lovely couple well worth meeting.

I have a wedding outfit put by, fancy dress ‘roaring 20’s’ frapper dress with feather boa and headdress, but am also going to the local theatre tomorrow because they hire out costumes before I make my mind up for definite, thanks for asking.

Take care - Sheila x

Hi Sheila

Your outfit sounds sure you will have a great time that day.

We have had more snow again can’t believe it and so cold. brrrrrrr.
Take Care Babs x x x

Hi Babs and hoping your as well as can be. We had a weekend of snow to but thankfully just about gone now. My wife says more may be on way, I hope not. Hope you weren’t throwing Snowballs at buses :face_with_raised_eyebrow: After reading Shefinn’s lovely post I echo her sentiments about you.

Catch ya later