Does anyone have any experience of snowboarding with Parkinson’s? I have snowboarded for many years. In recent years, pre dx, I’ve struggled with my right arm shaking continuously as it’s relaxed. My symptoms have deteriorated during the last year, and I shake more on the right hand side, both arm and leg now.

Just wondering if there’s any snowballs this out there, you can offer any advice or thoughts on snowboarding with Parkinson’s?

Hi Shredder,

Sorry, I do not Snowboard, so I cannot help in that regard, however I feel that unless you doing it on slight slopes, just for fun, it may be ok.
However, I used to scuba, I am a divemaster, and unfortunately, I simply cannot do that anymore.

My symptoms are still mild, but I have no idea what would happen if I do start shaking when I am 25metres under water, it is just not worth the risk.

Hi Clive,

Thanks for your comments. It sounds like staying well within my capability and not snowboarding alone may make it possible .

And remember whatever else you do, have fun.

I do not snowboard, but I have ski for many years quite competently. My last ski trip was January 2023, and my level of fitness is still very good, my ability to disappeared. Even skiing down the easiest of blue slopes, I was struggling to turn left or right and what I did turn was unable to stop. This got worse as the week went on, as looking back the first couple of days weren’t so bad. I had reluctantly decided that January 2024 will be my last trip and I was just going to try and take it very easy, but I now have an unrelated knee injury that makes it impossible.

If you have good levels of physical fitness, I would just go for it and enjoy it when you can

Thanks, that’s really helpful. Sorry that you will be unable to complete your final trip! Snowshoeing may await!